6 Stars for Don’t Make Me Beautiful by Elle Casey

Posted April 25, 2014 by FMA in 6 Stars and above - It left me with a book hangover!

I cannot express with words how much I loved this book! I just don’t have the gift of writing…that belongs to Elle Casey, and she proved how talented she is with her beautifully written book, DON’T MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL. She tackled a horrific topic and wrote a beautiful book. Again, that word, beautiful. We see it many times in the book. It is important. It is how we see ourselves, how we perceive, or don’t perceive that other’s see us. She tackles what happens when someone tears another person down to the core and takes away their physical and mental image of themselves.

Brian! Wow! What an Ah-mazing character. His loving spirit, and desire to do what was right, made me cry. He was incredible. I could list my favorite quotes, and they would all be from him. He was a hero, a knight, and a prince all rolled into one man.

If you could read one book, it should be this one. The message is strong, the writing is strong, and the characters are strong, even in their weakness.

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