4 Stars for Worth the Fight (Accidentally on Purpose #3) by L.D. Davis

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Luke’s POV is awesome! I loved reading his side of the story. Reading his feelings, feeling his heart-break, his anger, and his love. He is an incredible character that we didn’t get to understand a whole lot of in AOP so I was very much looking forward to reading POV.

If you have not read AOP, you need to read that before reading this book.

WTF begins with the break up of Emmy and Luke. It then takes us on the heart-wrenching journey through Luke’s experience with Emmy as she and Lucas move in with him. We feel Luke’s anger that he has to deal with daily as he is faced with Emmy under his roof. He has to see her, smell her and hear her daily. He has to experience her. He has to remember. Remember that he loved her, loves her…still. But what is his eventual undoing is that she is no longer the Emmy he once knew. She is a broken version of herself and he doesn’t know why. And he doesn’t like it. He wants her back to her old self…

“If I can’t get her to climb out of this dark hole and back into the light, Lucas would never have any idea just how incredible his mother really is.

They struggled to come to terms with what happened between Kyle and Emmy because Emmy doesn’t want to share with Luke what happened. She feels responsible for what happened to her and doesn’t want Luke to know. It was hard seeing Emmy’s struggle through Luke’s eye’s, seeing her pain. She really was broken and he did contribute to that with his words when he broke up with her and with the way he first treated her when she moved in with him.

They struggled to come to terms with what happened between the two of them. But it was beautiful to see the two grow to love each other again, to grow as a couple again. How they grew to trust one another and fight for their relationship was breathtaking. Theirs was a story of redemption and fight…

“Redemption is coming to your senses and seeing clearly the people you have hurt and feeling deep regret and giving up anything and everything to take back what you have done. You point no fingers, you make no excuses, but you take on the entire weight of the pain that you caused, even if it means it will crush you.”

“We fought for each other and our lives together. We are worth the fight.”

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