5 Stars for Catch Me by Claire Contreras

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Catch Me, caught me! I really enjoyed this book, as I have the other books from this author. Claire Contreras is so talented and gifted in the art of story telling, I am not sure she is capable of writing a bad book.

“…his words make me feel like he tapped my heart with pixie dust.”

This is a story about a broken, recovering addict who has endured neglect and loss early in her adult life – Brooklyn, and the boy who saved her – Nick. The banter between them is sweet and sexy. Claire Contreras knows how to write dialogue…she is truly a master. There was a slow seduction; a romance slowly building between them. They are highly attracted to each other and we get to watch the attraction grow. We are on the outside looking in and it’s wonderful.

“He lowers his face to mine, brushing his lips against my cheek and I think he’s going to kiss me goodbye, but his lips continue to my ear, “Lunch at one.” ”

We also get the joy of seeing Shea! WOW! The connection between Brooklyn and Shea is undeniable. The love they feel for each other is endearing. Having been friends since teens, they have come to rely on each other when life gets too tough. Having tried a relationship with each other, Brooklyn decides being friends is what is best. They care so deeply for each other it is a codependent relationship. He loves her but needs her to love him back. He wants her for himself but doesn’t want to give up the ladies.

“But one day I’ll be ready, you know.”

There is also Bee’s cousin Nina, and brother Hendrix. Who are wildly supportive of Brooklyn.

Here’s where I’m torn, there’s a revelation/twist in the book that I am struggling with it was kind of left dangling. No one really addresses it. It was brought out in the open and then seemingly forgotten about. I don’t like how easily she let it all go…this life altering news. This whole ordeal that had her not wanting to see, let alone go to the bridge was devastating. The news she finds out would be unsettling for anyone. She just seems to ignore it? I’m not buying it. That being said, this did not negatively affect the way I felt about the book. I just didn’t think it helped the book, it felt unfinished to me. Left out, the book would have been just as great for me!

I would recommend this book. It is Claire Contreras after all!

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