5 Stars for Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Posted April 27, 2014 by FMA in 5 Stars - It fed my addiction!


The writing was phenomenal, fast-paced, almost lyrical. Which was such a drastic contrast to the plot – not at all poetic. But disturbing. We are taken on a journey of a dysfunctional relationship between Nick and Amy that has more twists and turns, ups and downs than a roller coaster. We go from loving to hating and loving the characters. As soon as you think you have “it” figured out, you learn you are wrong.

This was so well-written I forgot I was reading fiction. I lived in Missouri, and a few times while reading, found myself thinking a road trip to the places named in the book would be interesting.

This is not my normal go-to read. But I am so glad I took the chance!

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