4 Stars for Panic (Rook and Ronin #3) by J.A. Huss

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4 stars! Another 3am finish for me. I completed this series in two days. Again, with this book, you must read the first 2 in the series before this one, as it is an immediate continuation of the one before.

This got off to a slow start for me. There is much more inner monologue than in the first two. I think it is because the author reveals so much information about the characters that it is necessary. I think perhaps I am a “dialogue” driven reader. Which made me cherish the moments we were given dialogue. J.A. Huss does it well. The interactions between characters is superb.

The push and pull between Ford and Rook was incredible. I didn’t know who I was rooting for Rook to end up with, Ford or Ronin.

“Like this, Rook.” Ford’s soft words vibrate into me. “I like you. I’d like to show you how much, actually. I’m being a gentleman to make life easier for you, but believe me, it’s not really in my nature to be so accommodating. I typically take what I want.”

But then there’s Ronin, who is so deeply in love with Rook that he’s willing to give her the time she needs to overcome her past and forge a future for herself.

Miss Corvus, I am so far beyond in love with you, I can barely function. I want to marry you. Like yesterday. But that’s not gonna happen just yet, so I want you to know, I can wait.”

Rook tries to figure out her future and Ronin wants it to include him.

“Ronin Flynn, you are my forever guy. I’d just like to say that right now. You are my forever guy.”

I hesitate to say too much, because I do not want to spoil the book. There is love, there is passion and there is suspense. I really liked this one once it got going for me, and I REALLY like Ford. I can’t wait to read is story next.

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