5 Stars for Saving Quinton (Nova #2) by Jessica Sorensen

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“Nova was the light and I was stuck in the shadows all the time except for a few moments when she touched me, kissed me, let me touch her, and I couldn’t avoid her light.”

Saving Quinton, is the heart breaking follow-up to Breaking Nova. And, wow, what a freaking follow-up! This is where Jessica Sorenson excels. These two books are not romance. They are about life’s struggles. They are about how we handle pain, devastating loss, and feelings of rejection and loneliness.

While this book gives us a glimpse inside Dylan and Delilah’s life, the focus is mainly on Nova, Quinton and even Tristan. As with BN, Ms. Sorenson made me feel their pain, made me cry their tears, made me see their lost hopes and dreams.

“Nothing seems beautiful, not even the stuff I saw in the past. And my future, well, it seems pretty much dead, like walking toward a coffin, ready to tuck myself in and pull the lid shut”

“What I need is to find something that will get through to him, something that will make him see past whatever’s blinding him to the future.”

Drowning in pain and addiction, Quinton is barely surviving when Nova sets out for Las Vegas to save him. She finds him living in deplorable conditions in a dilapidated apartment with Dylan, Delilah and Tristan. Appalled and frightened by his battered body, she has never been more sure about the need to rescue someone than she is when sees him.

“Quinton, please wake up…I’m so sorry…for not seeing…for not being able to see…”

Poor Quinton, he’s so lost, he’s in so much pain, drowning in it. Drowning in guilt. Everyone he’s trusted to be the caring adults in his life have placed blame on him. It’s an awful burden to bear.

“The simple fact that she’s right in front of me, just within arm’s reach, yet I can’t touch her. I’d be leaving my own self-made prison if I did. I’d be trying to escape from the bars I built around myself for a reason, made of guilt, the foundation formed by a promise I made to never forget the love of my life, whose life ended because of me.”

Nova desperately wants to save Quinton not just because he helped her,

“That day he left me in the pond, he showed me that aside from the drugs, he was a good guy. He didn’t take advantage of my drifting, my confusion, my mourning.”

but also because she needs to do it for herself as a second chance, because she wasn’t able to save her dad or Landon.

The writing is gritty, real and yet so descriptively poetic:

“I’m fading, crashing toward a rocky bottom, and the sharp rocks are going to hurt if I don’t get wings and fly again. I’m going to shatter. Break into a thousand shards of glass and metal.”

This isn’t a happy, make you smile read. It’s harsh, dark, and angry. Yet, you still feel hopeful. Hope that somehow through all the pain, anguish and addiction, there is an HEA for everyone.

“I’m changing and I don’t like it. I’m feeling things and I don’t like it.”

I want the follow-up NOW! I have to read how their journey ends. 5++ stars

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