5 Stars for Uncaged (Corps Security #3.5) by Harper Sloan

Posted April 29, 2014 by FMA in 5 Stars - It fed my addiction!

“I crave her.”

This book had the perfect mixture of tender moments, ooey gooey, sweet moments, loving moments, and hilarity. Harper Sloan made me melt. She made me cry. She made me laugh.

“Did you really have to put these ideas in Izzy’s head? She now has some brilliant idea that I need some… What did she call it? Oh ya, ‘Trifecta of vaginal bliss.’ What the hell does that shit mean?”

There were many tender moments between Greg and Cohen that brought me to tears. And many that made me laugh out loud. Cohen is hilarious. One of my all-time favorite characters. Little dude rocks!

“I asked Nana, Mommy Fia, and Auntie Grace to give me a sister. I said I wanted a sister more than anything in the world so I can look out for her like Daddy looks out for you.”

Uh, Ya! I could have read a whole book in his POV! Some of it is, and that was awesome. He’s definitely learning how to be an alpha-male. Cage even calls him an alpha boy! Ha!

This story was beautiful. Truly. Greg’s love for his family was heartwarming. And the tragedy they go through was painful, but watching Cohen’s strength and Greg’s love guide them through was unbelievably touching.

Sloan packed so much into this Novella, I forgot it was a short story. She is such a great story teller, I am never disappointed.

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