6 Stars for Wait for You (Wait for You #1) by J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Guarded and seemingly terrified around people, Avery Morgansten, proves she is stronger than she realizes when she sets out on her own. She hopes to escape the past, put it behind her, and start over where people don’t know her. Avery left Texas and moved to West Virginia to go to college against her parent’s wishes. It seems her parents aren’t concerned with her well-being, just how her being reflects on them.

“I tapped into my well-earned blood money and leased a two-bedroom apartment next to campus. Mr. and Mrs. Morganten had hated that. And that had made me extremely happy.”

This was a big move for Avery. Either leave town, or die. She had to get out of that place, she hated those people and what they represented. Now on her own seeing people interact with each other and ignoring her, she didn’t feel left out, she felt free because no one recognized her.

However, that didn’t last long. Avery was awkward, sassy, witty, smart, cute and a tiny, red-head. This made her very attractive to the deep blue-eyed, tall, well-built, tattooed hunk of a guy, Cameron Hamilton. Literally running into each other, he took one look and Cameron wanted to get to know her. Cameron is funny, sweet, sooo swoon worthy it’s ridiculous, and he’s persistent.

I’m used to having girls throw themselves at me.” “Trying to jump on my back is new, though. Kind of liked it.”
“I wasn’t trying to jump on your back or throw myself at you.”
“You weren’t?” “Well, that’s a shame, If so, it would have made this the best first day of class in history.”

This is is the kind of story that melts hearts and sets bars high for next reads. This was about new love, first love, second and third chances, redemption, forgiveness, taking chances and acceptance. The dynamic between Cam and Avery was powerful, sweet and true.

Cam had his own secrets that he was trying to hide in his past. But he was a good guy, trust-worthy, loving, funny as hell and so damn sweet! Oh, and persistent!

“You want to say yes, but you’re just not ready.”
My jaw dropped.
“It’s okay.” His grin turned cocky. “I’m a lot to handle, but I can assure you, you’ll have fun handling me.”

“Go out with me,” he asked, running a hand through his wet hair, pushing it back from his face.
“No,” I whispered.
And then the dimple appeared in his cheek, and I let out the breath I was holding. He started up the steps. “There’s always tomorrow.”
I followed him. “Tomorrow’s not going to change anything.”
“We’ll see.”
“There’s nothing to see. You’re wasting your time.”
“When it concerns you, it’s never a waste of my time,” he replied.

I loved the writing in this book. The banter between the character’s was some of the best I have read. It was witty and charming. The descriptive language used made you feel what the characters felt and see what they saw.

The nest of butterflies had moved on from energy drinks to smoking crack.

“He kissed me like he wanted to…eat me up.”

People ask me what I love to read, and the answer is simple really. I love a good story. I love a good love story, a good mystery, a good novel. As long as it is written well, I will enjoy reading it. I love reading because reading a good story makes me smile, makes me cry, makes me laugh, makes me feel. For the day or so that I am reading an extraordinary tale, I get to escape into another world and experience life from the characters the talented author has brought to life on the page. Wait for You is an example of why I read books!

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