3 1/2 Stars for Bird After Bird (The Byrds of Birdseye) by Leslea Tash

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Thank you Fido Publishing and NetGalley for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review.

I was hooked from the beginning with the endearing letter from Wren’s father to her. It was such a lovely gift. We should all be so lucky to have a parent, or someone that we love, care so much as to leave letters upon their dying for us to find. It was evident the love he had for her. How much he understood her. How he knew what she needed.

“Find your center, your peace, your home.”

My favorite parts of the book were the letters and the memories recounted from the journal they made together while birding. The fact that he not only took the time to keep up with the journal but to make special notes about the special moments they both shared was sweet.

This was really two love stories within one book. A heartwarming story of a father’s love and the love between Wren and Laurie. It was also about hope, self-discovery, grief and redemption.

Wren was still reeling from the death of her father when she met Laurie. He was still reeling from losses of his own. Their attraction for one another quickly turned into love. Clearly not their time, things happened which kept them apart, allowing them each the time they needed for healing and self-discovery.

“I know what I want. Do you?”
This was told in dual POV and I had difficulty connecting with Laurie’s character. He appeared weak and timid. His speech was not strong or self-assured. I felt it effeminate at times,
“Well, big whoopee-doo, Miss Ladypants.”

This was said during an argument. He was the opposite of her character which was so strong and seemingly aggressive at times when she was around him. Almost a role reversal. He even says,

“Oh, but I am. I’m totally upside down, very backward. But I’m okay with that.”

He just wasn’t the type of character I usually enjoy. However, he was sweet and romantic.

There was obviously a lot of research done in preparation for this book. The knowledge the author has on birds is incredible. This brought back great memories of watching birds with my parents when I was younger.

3 1/2 to 4 stars

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