4 1/5 Stars for GUNS: The Spencer Book: (Rook and Ronin Spinoff)

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I LOVED this series! The writing was engaging, sexy, steamy, and funny as hell at times. I loved its simplicity and its complexity. Each book had plot twists that kept me guessing and made sure I was never bored. Characters explored love, hate, faith, loyalty, and experienced romance, violence, and even death. Each character had their own bit of crazy or “defect”, they weren’t perfect and I loved that.

This book was the culmination of the ‘Rook and Ronin’ series. When all the past cons and lies come back to face the team they must fight to survive. Ronin still has Rook, Ford still has Ashleigh and Kate, and Spencer Shrike has … no one, because he’s keeping a huge secret from Veronica ~ Bombshell ~ Ronnie ~ Vaughn. He’s lying to keep her safe. So he’s pushing her away from him, putting up pretenses to keep her from getting involved. And it’s breaking both of their hearts.

I loved the flashbacks of the early days with Spencer and Ronnie:

“You will never forget this day, Veronica Vaughn. For the rest of your life, whenever someone asks you what the best day of your life was, this will be in your top three.”
“What about the other two?” I ask.
“We haven’t made those memories yet, Bomb. But we will.”

Spencer has so much loyalty to the team and to Veronica that he puts them all before himself. And I got teary-eyed reading about his pain.

“Because, baby, I love you enough to push you away.”

Veronica is a feisty character who is very in love with Spencer. Almost to a fault, I think. He doesn’t always treat her nicely or with respect, and I wanted her to kick him to the curb many times! I caught myself getting frustrated with her, and felt she almost bordered on pathetic. Not at all like her strong, assured self.

“See, this is why I need to avoid him at all costs. He deflates me. He sucks all my air out. He collapses me into nothingness.”

Major sh** comes to town that effects the team. Battles are fought. Love is made. Relationships settled. And I loved it. The wrap up was awesome! And in the end everyone gets their HEA!

I just have to say, I am still Team Ford! And I love this quote to him from Spencer.

“But you’re not defective. You’re just…a special snowflake.”

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