4 Stars for Play (Stage Dive #2) by Kylie Scott

Posted May 2, 2014 by FMA in 4 Stars - It quenched my addiction!

So, I loved Lick. I have been waiting for my chance at Mal. And, he didn’t disappoint! He’s crazy, fun-loving, sexy, hilarious, and … crazy. I loved him. All he needed was some lovin’, and sexual-healing! “For I am, Malcolm, Lord of the Sex! He was really a child at heart. Even though he was just a couple of years shy of 30. This created problems for him because when life became tough, he wasn’t sure how to handle it. Enter, Anne. She’s always been the responsible one in her family. The one to take care of everyone and everything. When her life was turned upside down, Mal took advantage of it. He would take care of her, if she became his. Simple right?

“What I need is a girlfriend…well, a pretend girlfriend, and you, Anne Rollins, are perfect.”
F*ck, what?”

She was perfect for him. Her no non-sense personality needed his crazy. His crazy needed her calm.

“That was nothing. I would’ve done that anyway. Didn’t like seeing you sad last night.” Mal Ericson might be a bad boy, but he was also a good man.”

The banter between them was hilarious, and panty melting, their chemistry, undeniable.

“You’re totally thinking of me with no pants on.”
I totally was.
“That’s just gross, dude. A massive invasion of my privacy.” He leaned in closer, his breath warming my ear. “Whatever you’re imagining, it’s bigger.”
“I’m not imagining anything.”
“I’m serious. It’s basically a monster. I can’t control it.”
“You’re pretty much going to need a whip and chair to tame it, Anne.”

This was a quick, fun read. 4 Stars!

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