4 Stars for The Will (Magdalene #1) by Kristen Ashley

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It has been said many times this book is classic Kristin Ashley. I think that was the problem for me. It was too similar to all of her other books. Same characters but with different names, different town but basically the same with all the men in that town chasing one woman. Men who speak from the same script. I just wanted more, something different. A KA fan, I have read every KA book (with the exception of those about fantasy and paranormal). As I read this one, I kept waiting for MY epic 5* moment and sadly, it never came. Rather, the first half I hovered over 3*. It wasn’t until I was well into the end of the book and reached the EPIC KA Epilogue that I fell into 4* happiness.

*Josephine Diana Malone “Josie”, fashion photographer assistant extraordinaire, finds herself back in her home town of Magdalene for the funeral of her beloved grandmother, Lydie. At the reading of the will, Josie finds her grandmother has not only willed to her all of her money and possessions, but she has also willed her a man. And, willed Josie to him.

“Did Lydie give me you in her will?”

*James Markham Spear, “Jake”, boxer, business owner and father of three, had taken care of Lydie for many years prior to her passing and along with his children was saddened by her death. Jake was “kind, generous, selfless and tenderhearted”. Her passing was difficult on all of them. He was determined to follow the will to the letter, much to the dismay of Josie.

“You can hardly think you can own a woman, Jake.”
“Own her, no,” Mr. Spear stated, his eyes still holding mine captive. “Do precisely what Lydie wanted me to do with her, yes.”

The Meh
As is typical fashion we get our wonderful KA alpha males. I love them! But, they all speak the same! Are they the same?

Josie was annoying when she spoke. So much so that I found myself skipping and skimming through her inner dialogue as well as the dialogue which she held with other people. I understand she spent the majority of her life traveling and spending time abroad. So she picked up different lingo which is present in the book. But alas I was indeed over it. That being so, I was grateful that the last half of the book she began to lighten up and toned it down.

The Good
Although we never met her, I loved granny. I just knew she would have been the best grandma ever! Her “granny’isms” were the bomb!

“special things, buttercup, the things no one else has, but you.”
“understanding a soul, buttercup, can settle a soul.”

Ethan! What an amazing character. I loved every scene with him in it.

“And he was all, Combat Raptor is lame. So I was all, and Zombie Mahem isn’t? And he was all, Zombie Mahem was the bomb. And I was all, there’s no such thing as zombies. And he was all, like men can turn into jets? And I was all, duh Transformers…? And he was all, Transformers are robots.”

The interactions between Josie, Jake and the kids were heartwarming, funny and real. I loved how Josie wove her way into their world, hearts and lives. With her supportive, kind and nurturing nature, she became the mother figure they needed. Jake was trying to maneuver through single fatherhood, and mostly, I think he did a great job.

Jake was an awesome alpha male hero. <3 Sweet, loving, swoon-worthy!

The Epilogue was typical KA greatness, bringing tears to my eyes several times.

Overall, it was ok. I would give The Will 4* because of the end of the book and the Epilogue.

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