5 Stars for Tethered, by L.D. Davis

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“Destiny can be tricky. The road to your destination is not always a straight shot.”

I love L.D. Davis’s writing. I have read and loved every book she’s written. This was no exception. She is a truly talented storyteller.

Tethered is standalone. While there are characters in this book from the Accidentally on Purpose series, you do not need to have read any of those books before this, because this is about Donya and Emmet. However, I have read all of them, so the background knowledge of the side characters I had going into this was all the more sweet to me.

“Luke Kessler looked ridiculously happy.

How has Emmy survived these panty dropping smiles?”

This book was long! Really, it was probably 3 books in one. I appreciate that Ms. Davis did not break this story into multiple books, forcing the reader to wait 6 months for the next release. Instead, she allowed us to enjoy it in one chunk. Letting you savor those little bits of importance that you might have otherwise forgotten. Everything remained cohesive, unfolding beautifully, step by step as it was meant to. It made it all the more powerful.

“I love you,” I said, when I released him. “You make me happy even when things are dark around me. You bring me your light, Emmet.”

“Even if I’m not near you, I know you can look inside yourself and light those dark places. As long as you know I love you and I am yours and you are mine.”

I must put a warning in here, though, some readers might be uncomfortable with some of the subject matter. This book spans about 20 years in the lives of the characters. And we experience their transformation right along with them, as their friendship grows to love throughout their lives from childhood, through teenage years, to adulthood.

“I was only fifteen years old and I shouldn’t be sleeping in any guy’s bed regardless of the innocent circumstances behind it-“

This was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. If you are a fan of angst, this book will be a DEFINITE YES for you. My heart was not torn from my chest, it was ripped, clawed and shredded. I sobbed, I choked, I couldn’t see to read. But, I also laughed. I sighed and giggled with delight. OH, and I had to fan myself more than a couple of times.

“I felt overwhelming sadness, and the shards of my broken heart poked at me without mercy.”

It is a beautifully written, epic love story. ALL the characters are important to the story. The plot remained solid, which was a feat because of the length of the book!

“Donya, I am ingrained in you. I am woven into every cell of your body. You cannot eradicate me without losing yourself, too.”

I felt it all, the agony, the emotional pain, the joy, all of it. Seeing Donya and Emmet grow from children to adults and fall in love sigh, then watching the trials they meet and face was devastatingly painful at times, yet gloriously happy in the end. Days later as I write this review, I am still in a major book hangover.  This is and will be one of my favorites of 2014!

“Donya,” “Some men are born to do great, extraordinary things. I am one of those men, because I was born to love you,”

“Emmet,” “You are my destiny,”

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And as imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.
– William Shakespeare (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

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