4 1/2 Stars for Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City, #1) by Penny Reid

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Newanderthal Seeks Human

When I saw on Amy Harmon’s FB page a glowing endorsement for this book, I knew I had to have it. I mean, I LOVE A.H. so how could I NOT take a chance with a book she thought was incredible? What made it more special a BR with my girl Amy (Foxy) @foxyblogs!

I was NOT disappointed! It was smart, funny, and cleverly written. There was so much technical information, I think the author, Penny Reid is a genius. I mean, is she a member of Mensa? She has to be, to be able to put such ‘smart’ info. into this book and not make it boring, but entertaining and funny.

‘A total of 428 amphibians and 378 reptiles have been classified in the Brazilian rainforest; I wondered how many were represented in Club Outrageous that night disguised as human beings.’

Janie Morris is overloaded with trivial information, and when she is nervous she can’t help but share it with those around her.

“ISO 8601, data and elements and interchange formats. It allows seamless intercourse between different bodies, governments, agencies, and corporations.” I couldn’t help myself as the words tumbled out. It was a sickness.

The problem is, when she’s around Quinn Sullivan (Sir Handsome McHotpants)- which is a lot, she’s always nervous.

‘I took the opportunity to make some semblance of an attempt to gather my wits from where they lay scattered: on the floor, on the bar, on the ceiling, like blood from a gunshot victim.’

But Quinn, doesn’t mind, in fact he finds her oddities endearing. However, the road to a relationship isn’t easy. Janie has always faced disappointment in her life and it will be up to Quinn to prove he will stand by her and accept her for who she is.

He lifted his head just slightly, his eyes hooded. “Are you ready for our date?”

I cleared my throat, suppressing the desire to rub myself against him, suddenly desperate for friction. I cleared my throat again. “I thought you didn’t date?”

Quinn’s cheek moved against mine so that his whispered words were hot against my ear. “I’d like to date you.”

Can’t finish the review without mentioning the knitting group! These girls cracked me UP! They reminded me of my friends. The ones who will laugh with you, at you 😉 and always, always have your back! They were awesome!

“Now, you don’t need to talk about it until you’re ready. We are here to support and love you.” She took a deep breath and then, lest I forget she was Sandra the Texan, she continued. “And when you’re ready to cut his balls off, I will provide the knife.”


About Penny Reid

Penny Reid is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Selling Author of the Winston Brothers, Knitting in the City, Rugby, and Hypothesis series. She used to spend her days writing federal grant proposals as a biomedical researcher, but now she just writes books. She’s also a full time mom to three diminutive adults, wife, daughter, knitter, crocheter, sewer, general crafter, and thought ninja.

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