4 1/2 Stars for Thrive (Addicted #2.5) by Krista Ritchie , Becca Ritchie

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“I’m going to love Lily how I want to love her.

Overwhelmingly, uncompromisingly.

Look away if you have to.”

Rules. People watching, scrutinizing your every move. It would be enough to break any couple, but not LILO. These two seemed to be destined for failure from the beginning of time, but their all-consuming love and devotion for one another was a steel barrier keeping the obstacles at bay.

“This is the second best day of my life. The director just accidentally touched my pinky finger!!! – Lily

I text back: What’s the first best day?” – Loren

The day I fell in love with you.” – Lily

“Two years will change them forever.”

This book covers a very large time frame – 2 years and 5 months, as well as recapped material from several books, (refer to the below time frame, I did numerous times as I read this book) so if you have not read the first three books of the Addicted Series, as well as the first two books in the Calloway Sisters series, I believe you will be lost. They must be read before this one!

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As you can imagine, that was a lot of material to cover and do well. The Ritchie sisters are brilliant writers. It’s clear they have a wonderful working relationship as their chemistry comes through in their writing. They have an uncanny insight for being so young.

“Revenge isn’t a benefit, Lo. It’s self-gratification, an emotional response with very little logic and even less reward.” – Connor

Thankfully, the magnificent one liners and delicious banter between characters carried through to this book.

What I found that stood out most to me while reading was that I appreciated Lo and Lily’s insight into the other character’s. We learn what they like, love and hate about them and themselves. So, I did a little “soul-searching”, and here is what I discovered about each character.

I love Connor’s confidence! There is not an ounce of self-doubt in this man. He is strong, physically and mentally. He is a protector. He would do anything for the ones he holds as special in his life. Love, not an easy word for him to say, nor a concept easy to grasp, so if it is bestowed upon you by Connor, grab it and don’t let go!

Ryke, is simply HOT. He is broody, fierce and tells it like it is. He doesn’t care what people think about him. He has a carefree spirit that is rooted from the anger of his childhood. He too is a protector of the ones he loves, although the list of people he allows to be close to him is small.

Lo, is a sad, self-deprecating soul. He has no sense of self-worth and feels the weight of the world dragging him down daily. His love for Lily is the only thing keeping him from falling below the surface.

Rose, is misunderstood. Forced to be the responsible one – by her mother – a role which she takes on full force. Intelligent, always in control, the fixer. But, underneath that harsh exterior is someone who loves fully, unconditionally and will have your back without question.

Daisy, it could be said is the way she is because of her age, or her placement in the family dynamics – youngest child. But it is largely due to her mother’s over-bearing rule. Daisy is a full-of-life, thrill seeker. She is full of love, caring and devoted. A kind, gentle spirit, she wants nothing more than to be free, and to be loved for who she is.

Lily, is sweet, tender, shy and so dang FUNNY! Her one-liners left me with tears in my eyes as I laughed. Her transformation was inspiring. She is a true soldier, she powers ahead with a quiet courage that takes others by surprise.

And, lastly, I can’t forget Poppy. I LOVED her! The maternal one. Supportive and realistic, full of insight. She was awesome!

When you look at the sheer volume of material that has been written, and their attention to detail, it is no wonder the Addicted/Calloway Sisters is one of the best series out there. With three more books in store (giving a total of 9 books for the series), there is no doubt the faithful fans of these two sisters will be waiting on pins and needles for their release. I know I will!

About Krista and Becca Ritchie

Krista & Becca Ritchie are identical twins—one a science nerd, the other a comic book geek—but with their shared passion for writing, they combined their mental powers as kids and have never stopped telling stories. Now in their early twenties, they write about other twenty-somethings navigating through life, college, and romance. They love superheroes, flawed characters, and soul mate love.

They are the New Adult authors of the Addicted series and Calloway Sisters spin-off series, and you can find them on almost every social media, frolicking around like wannabe unicorns.

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