5 ★★★★★ Lovely Stars for Jane’s Harmony by Ryan Winfield

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Jane's Harmony (Jane's Melody, #2)


Jane’s Harmony by Ryan Winfield

I read Jane’s Melody, almost exactly one year to the day I started this book. In my review for Jane’s Melody, I wrote: “Ryan Winfield you have a new fan.”. With this addition to the series, he didn’t disappoint! I am as big a fan as ever.

Ryan Winfield knows how to write a love story. This is about true love, love that is unwavering, faithful and supportive. It’s about two people who despite the odds against them fight for one another. I loved the strength both Jane and Caleb exhibited.

“Haven’t you ever looked at someone for the first time and instantly known them? Not known them by their looks. But really known them?”…”Like you were made to understand this one person, and they were made to understand you.”

He writes with a poetic flare that brings the characters to life. I fell in love with these characters in the first book and got carried away with their story again.

At the end of the first book, Jane leaves her home, memories and job in Seattle, to be with Caleb in Austin, as he lives his dreams. When Caleb finally gets his big break, it takes him far away from her to California. There are obstacles, and trials that face them, but their love is unwavering and their devotion to one another remains strong.

What I love so much about Winfield’s writing is that he is so careful about the details, he leaves nothing behind, he covers them all. Whether it is the details of every day living or erotic moments, he engages the reader.

“Don’t move. Let’s lie here for a while. I like listening to your heart.”
he said, kissing the top of her head, “because it’s beating for you.”

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