5 Stars for Footsteps Pagano #1) by Susan Fanetti

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Carlo Pagano Jr. is the eldest son of a large Italian-American family in Quiet Cove, Rhode Island. He’s a disappointment to his father but a hero to the young son he is raising alone, after his wife abandoned them.

Sabina Alonzo-Auberon is a beautiful Argentine native married to one of the most powerful and wealthy men in New England. Though James Auberon is highly esteemed, the power and glamour the world sees hide a darker reality that exists within the walls of their home. Sabina is trapped in a life of control and abasement, living with a man too powerful and vengeful to escape.

Sabina doesn’t wish to be rescued and whisked away on a white horse. She’s not looking for a fairy tale hero; she knows the fairy tale is a lie. She’s waiting for the chance to save herself. But she won’t turn down help if it comes.

A fateful meeting with Carlo brings Sabina the chance to break free and make a life on her own terms. If any name demands respect and strikes fear more than Auberon, it’s Pagano. Carlo’s uncles head one of the most powerful ‘families’ in the Northeast, and they will offer their help—for a price.

What begins as an offer of assistance deepens into an intense bond, but before Carlo and Sabina can be together, they must overcome the obstacles in their path.

Together Carlo and Sabina seek true and honest love, and freedom from the demons of their pasts, but no quest was ever without its trials.


5 Shark Chompin’ Stars for Footsteps by Susan Fanetti

❤️Simply put, I LOVED IT❤️ Susan Fanetti has caused me to add two new shelves to my bookshelf: favorite author’s and older MC’s. In the day and age of New Adult Romance’s, I was completely thrilled to read a book about older characters. To say I am a “FAN-etti girl” would be an understatement. I adore this author’s writing style. She is an engaging and intriguing writer. She immerses you in the story. She had me an emotional wreck and on the edge of my seat with suspense.

Sabina Alonzo-Auberon, was married young to a man (James Auberon) with a dark side. A man who exercised control and power over everything and everyone in his path. Including and most exclusively and repulsively, against his wife, Bina. She didn’t have any family or friends to free her from his wicked hold and felt lost and many times hopeless – but not helpless. She had amazing strength and determination.

Carlos Fanetti, a recently divorced single father of the MOST AMAZING CHILD CHARACTER I HAVE EVER READ – Trey! Carlos was trying to make ends meet as he got his business off the ground. In doing so, this put him at odds with his father, because as the oldest son in the Fanetti brood, it was his responsibility to take over the family business. But Carlos loved being an architect. And he knew the construction business would not make him happy.

The two meet (the second time) on the beach of his family home during a family get together. After spending time with each other, a relationship develops and it doesn’t take long for Carlos to see that Sabina is need of help. James Auberon is a powerful man, but so are the Fanetti’s and if anyone can help her break free of him, it would be his family.

“You are a wonderful, wonderful man, Carlo Pagano Jr. You are my hero.”
He surprised her by flinching at that. “No, Bina. No. I’m not. You’re your own hero. I don’t want to be that. I just want to be a man who loves you.”

Another thing I loved so much about this book, is how Ms. Fanetti dealt with the “instant-attraction” between Carlos and Sabina. Knowing Sabina’s history with her husband and her need for independence, she was allowed to discover who she was and work on becoming whole. Susan Fanetti didn’t allow Carlos to be a rebound. And that, was awesome!

“But I want to be clear. I would like very much to be with you. You say you want to be strong, to have what you want with me. I’ll give you the time and space you want. But I want you to know that I’m here. When you’re ready.”

I have to touch on my favorite character – TREY! Ya, for me this 3-year-old, turned 4, stole.the.show! What an amazing character! Superbly written, Fanetti brought him to life. She didn’t minimize, trivialize or throw this character in for good measure. He was a real character with a charming personality. He has so many great quotes like this:

“…she smells good and we went to the ‘quarium and she plays cars and makes car sounds.” He stopped and considered. “They’re not good sounds, but I’m showing her to be better.”

and this:

Trey poked again and broke the yolk. Yellow oozed over his plate, and Trey looked up at them with a grin. “My egg is peeing!”

And, finally, there will be more books in this series, and gratefully, the next book will be about my other favorite character, Lucas. Touch, The Pagano Family, Book Two by Susan Fanetti.


“Well, this here is Carlo somebody or other, and I’d say it was my Hummer parked over there, but you must mean somebody else. Cuz my d*ck ain’t that tiny, sugar.”


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