Day 10 of 14 DAYS OF FAVORITE BOOK COUPLES: Featuring Leo and Tabitha from Girl Code by LD Davis

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FMA and Foxy have teamed up to bring you fourteen of their favorite book couples in honor of Valentine’s day.


One of the most romantic moments in a Romance Novel is the First Kiss.  Girl Code is a second chance romance between two people who have to tackle the Girl Code.


When I could barely focus on his words, he did, I guess in his mind, the only thing there was left to do short of tying me to a chair.  He kissed me.

{Lips soft and full pressed delicately against my slightly opened mouth.  A tiny, shocked whimper stumbled out of my throat and slipped through my parted lips even as my eyes closed on their own accord.  Slowly and firmly, his lips moved against mine as the sounds of fighting downstairs became something that was happening far off in the distance.  The curve of my bottom lip was gently tugged between two lightly moistened lips, and I was surprised by how good it felt, and even further surprised by the little moan I let free.  I felt like I was falling into a dream.  I had that not quite here and to quite there, disoriented feeling.  I didn’t know if the shirt my fingers were gripping and twisting was real or not.  The pain in my chest had numbed, and I wasn’t sure if it was ever really there.  I didn’t even know where I was anymore, because all I saw was darkness and the only thing I could hear was the frantic beating of my own heart.}

Tentatively, Leo’s tongue glided into my mouth, testing, tasting, and searching.  Reflexively, my own tongue collided with his and that time, the moan came from his mouth.  Something very stupid happened then.  Mandy Moore’s “Candy” started to play in my head.  Candy, sweet, surgery, delicious and addicting.  Oh, god, candy … candy that I could consume day after day and never tire of it.  It was perfection for my mouth, exciting for my taste buds, and made my heart spin and leap and pirouette.  And his particular brand of candy was galvanizing, making my entire body tremor with electric power.

Song that reminds us of Girl Code

This song was chosen because Leo has such unconditional love for Tabitha.  He thinks she is beautiful as she is.




Girl Code by L.D. Davis

Girl Code book | L.D. Davis’s: Amazon author page


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