♥♥My Love Note to Authors♥♥

Posted February 14, 2015 by FMA in My letters to you

I want to say thank you, to youauthors. As today is Valentine’s Day, I want to express my LOVE and THANKS to all the authors out there who able to  and do, take the time to express their love and appreciation for my fellow bloggers and me!

I blog about books because I love reading.  I love sharing a great book with others.  I love doing cover reveals, blog tours and special posts about your books.

I realize my blog is not “one of the big ones”, so when an author takes the time to read my review, look at my blog tour post and retweets, reposts, and/or sends special messages of thanks, you make my day!

So, thank you for noticing, thank you for caring and thank you for sharing!!!


Thank you,

Volunteer blogger and non-Amazon Associate


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3 responses to “♥♥My Love Note to Authors♥♥

  1. We love you back. Thanks to the bloggers who treat us so kindly and who generously give us boosts in so many ways. For those of us who write for smallish presses or self-publish, you are the window through which readers find us. I can’t even begin to imagine how a woman who is a teacher, caregiver, financial planner, coach, tutor, spiritual adviser, mom, and wife finds time to blog. I’m grateful that that is what feeds you.

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