See which authors I am crushin’ on and why!

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These authors are truly and genuinely EPIC.  I adore them.  (Okay, I don’t personally know them, but I would LOVE to.)

These ladies have solidified a place on my ONE CLICK list!  I squeal like a kid at Christmas whenever I open my Kindle and see their books there.

L. H. Cosway! She writes stories with characters which are so unique you never have to worry about having read a book like hers before.  She is special. She is talented.  Her male characters are so astoundingly real, that you forget they are written by a female.  Every reader has their pet-peeves, and one of mine that tops the list is a poorly written male POV.  When I read a Cosway book, I know I will get an exquisitely written, thoroughly developed male character who SPEAKS with such truth that you live his life alongside him.

J.M. Darhower!  This woman rules the Mafia world!  RULES it!  She writes male swagger like no other.  When I think of the Mafia I think of men in sharp suits, with a sharp tongue and merciless attitude toward their victims.  Yet, they are bound to family by honor and blood and will do anything to protect that bond, because there is nothing stronger.  Ms. Darhower delivers this in an epic fashion!

L.D. Davis!  She writes angst like it’s her best friend.  Really!  LD DAVIS knows how to write angst. She is a pro at taking the reader on an emotional roller-coaster. She will drag your heart through the shredder. She will rip it out of your chest, tear it up making you *feel* gutted. But she will also gently, and with care, repair the damage and put those broken pieces together again and place them back into your gaping hole of a chest. And what’s more, you will relish in it, you will want it, and be glad it happened.

Susan Fanetti! While this author first came on my radar April 21, 2014, when I placed Move the Sun (Signal Bend #1) on my TBR list, I was unfortunately too busy and unable to delve into that epic series.  So, when the Pagano Family series came out, I knew I was going to read it.  Thankfully, I was able to, because she is an engaging and intriguing writer. She immerses you in the story. With this series, she had me an emotional wreck and on the edge of my seat with suspense. She will make your heart race, break it, and make you love every bit of it. You will adore her heroines, and love her heroes and “live” their stories.

Tarryn Fisher!  You want something so different, so unexpected that you can’t even place it in a genre?  Read a Tarryn Fisher book.  She needs her own genre.  She doesn’t follow the rules, she doesn’t go along with the crowd, she does her own thing. Writes her own books and does it brilliantly.  Her words are chosen masterfully and placed on the page with exquisite care. Beautifully sculpted, and beautifully written, Fisher’s use of words is pure genius, they make you think, hear and feel.  And her characters are unforgettable. I have read 4 books she has written, all of which I gave 6 stars to!  A Tarryn Fisher book is an experience like no other, it will mess with your mind in a way it has never been played with, it will be a crazy and intense ride with some of the most flawed and broken characters you will ever have the privilege to read about!

Amy Harmon!  Amy writes books from her heart.  She stays true to what matters to her, all the while crafting such intriguing stories and characters with such heart that my heart swells as well as do my eyes.  Yes, each book of hers I read, I end up crying.  (How many times can you mention “heart” in a post? Well, if that doesn’t show how much this author touches me, that I was unable to think of another word to use, then, I don’t know what does!)

Aly Martinez! This Author’s writing never fails to engage me.  It is solid and fluid. Her characters are beautifully written, even when they’re broken.   Her writing provides story lines that are dramatic and humorous at the same time.  Her latest book – Fighting Silence (On The Ropes Book 1) was so freaking good!  It definitely lived up to all the “hype” going around the blogosphere!!!

Penny Reid!  Enough said.  That’s it.  Just her name.  That is all that is needed. She is like, Madonna, or Beyonce’, you say her name and everyone knows what to expect.  Perfection!  Her intelligence, wit, charm and humor bring her stories and characters to life.  She is truly one of a kind.  Penny Reid delivers strong, intelligent characters within a solidly built, emotionally and intellectually deep plot. They have the perfect blend of funny, sweet, happy and sad, smart and sexy!

Krista and Becca Ritchie!  I mean, come on, they wrote a freaking reality show (okay, they wrote about one, but still…) and basically, have written a mini-series.  They don’t only write about two main characters, their stories have side characters with stories too, and there are many of them.  But the reader is never confused. They have so much talent it amazes me.  I am surprised Hollywood hasn’t snatched them up yet.  I am sure they will, though…and I will be one of the many who says, “I knew them when!”

Madeline Sheehan! Joanna Wylde! The MC giants! (I have not read Susan Fanetti’s MC books yet…I am starting Strength & Courage (Night Horde SoCal, #1) next, however, my friends assure me she is an MC giant too.) Each having their own spin on how to represent the MC world, all doing it brilliantly.  All have character’s who are a dichotomy.  Brutal, yet protective. Vicious, yet caring.  Merciless, yet loving.  Each writer has thorough and complete storylines that keep the reader turning the pages so quickly, you mourn the ending of each book.

Mia Sheridan!  I have read every novel published from this author, it’s safe to say, I love anything she pens.  For me, what has been so special about Ms. Sheridan, has been to see her growth as a writer.  From the first book I read, on March 6, 2013 – Leo, to the last one, January 23, 2015 – Kyland, Ms. Sheridan has grown into her own.  She has proven not to be a force to be reckoned with but to be the standard by which be measured.  Sheridan’s stories possess an unwritten character – humanity.  They are stories about the human spirit. They are about trials and tribulations of everyday people. And the beauty is, that within their pages, lie a beautiful love story.

This is quite a diverse list of genre’s, but it is also not an exhaustive list.  These are just the ones currently on my mind because I have recently read their works or their collective works have stayed with me.  I know I have more to add.

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