Wasn’t it just 1995?

Posted April 10, 2015 by FMA in My letters to you

Wasn't it just 1995?


In 1995, 2015 was a year I knew would come. Yet, it seemed so far away.  It felt like a lifetime really, and I had no sense of urgency.  Now that it is here, I feel such a sense of dread and panic.  I am morose and yet I am excited and thrilled, yes I am feeling a bit manic.  You see, my first-born is graduating High School May 24th.  In August, she will be going off to a small college a little over 3 hours away, in the far north-east corner of our state, where she plans to be a pre-med student.  She has been nothing but the ideal child.  Making us proud at every turn, she has packed her educational resume with a solid 4.2 GPA, is an officer of National Honor Society, Health Occupation Students of America,  Youth Advisory Council and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  She is a two-time state champion and will be returning again to compete at this year’s HOSA National’s – which will be held in Anaheim!  She played competitive softball for 10 years, only quitting because she injured her back in high school.  Through it all, she has remained humble and a joy to be around!

She has kept us busy.  I will miss running around like a chicken with my head cut off, late night cookie making sessions because she forgot to tell me she needed them for a bake sale for the next day, rushing her homework up to school that she forgot to pack in her backpack that morning.  Simply put, I am going to miss her.  So for all of you mom’s of young children, I know you hear this  from everyone around you, but it is true, so listen… hug them, hold them, listen to them, because before you know it, they are graduating and going off to college.


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5 responses to “Wasn’t it just 1995?

  1. foxyblogs1

    Awe, this makes me both sad and happy. Happy that you raised a great kid…sad that she’s growing up too fast. I hate that our kids are growing up and becoming adults. Our mom job is almost over. I suppose we will always be mom but you know what I mean.
    Did you watch The Middle this past week? When Axel and Sue were talking about their mom?

  2. Bittersweet moments … we were just discussing this in my house tonight. Be proud, mommy! And then cry into your wine when no one else is looking. LOL 😉

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