What’s the most expensive book you’ve ever purchased?

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Last Summer, I was challenged by Amy at Foxyblogs to list my Summer Favorite’s.  The rules were to list your TOP 5 Summer Reads between the dates of 6/21/14-9/21/2014.   You can read those here.


Taken at Atlantis Hotel, Bahamas of Infinity+One

But, I have never been known to be a rule follower, and that time frame just didn’t work for me. My “summer” actually begins when my children get out of school in May. 🙂 And because I read this book outside of that time frame, I couldn’t include it up there ^, BUT I was determined to include it along with an explanation.  Fortunately, I was “allowed” honorable mentions so I figured that meant the rules were bendable. 😉

That summer we took a vacation to the Bahamas (I want to go back!) but I was filled with anxiety about going. I texted a friend (Foxyblogs) about it, I wanted to figure a way to delay the trip, change the date, move it! You see, the release date for Infinity + One was going to be while we were there. I was told there was limited internet access and that meant I might not be able to get the book on my iPad! Once we got there, I happily discovered I could purchase internet for our room for $150.00 during our stay. I told my husband our children needed something to keep them occupied while they were in their rooms since we disconnected their data and calling plans while we were out of the country. :)) Infinity+One may be the most expensive book I have ever purchased, but it was well worth it!


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How about you? What is the most you’ve ever paid for a book?

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4 responses to “What’s the most expensive book you’ve ever purchased?

  1. I loved this book! I think the most I ever paid for a (e)book was $15.00 as well (that was the sale price!) Embarrassed to admit … I still haven’t read it o.O

  2. FMA

    EEEEK! That is pricey! With our shelves, that doesn’t surprise me. 😉 That just means it is like a fine wine, you are saving it!

  3. FMA

    <3 I would love that! I loved reading I+1 by the beach. It was the perfect vacation book!

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