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BBF Tag2

I was tagged by the LOVELY Vrsha from Peek At My Book Review to play Book Boyfriend Tag!

How To Play:

Some book/book boyfriends will be provided by the person who is tagging and you have to share the picture/gif of the person you visualised the character to be and write what you think about the character. If you haven’t read any of the books, you may add any of your own.


Here was the list of Book Boyfriends I needed to find – with the exception of a few, because I didn’t read the books given to me, so I added my own. I had difficulty stopping with just these 7 because there are so many others that I could add.

1. Connor Cobalt – Kiss The Sky by Krista and Becca Ritchie

Connor is the ultimate boyfriend, he has it all… his very being exudes sexiness; he is intelligent, he is wealthy, he is an alpha-male…



2. Corrado Moretti – Made by J.M.Darhower

Corrado, what can I say, he is damn sexy, a protector of family, intelligent, and did I mention sexy?

Corrado Moretti

3. Drew Evans – Tangled by Emma Chase

Drew is freaking hilarious! He’s cocky – yet sweet, confident – yet vulnerable.  What can I say?  I loved him.

Drew Evans 2

4. King – King of Hearts by L.H.Cosway

Okay, so I have SERIOUS affection toward Oliver King. Like I want to go find him. Cosway presented a character with such depth of which I had never read before. Seeing the rise and fall of King. The transformation of his personality …  I think just might be one of, if not the best characters I’ve ever read about.

King LH Cosway

5. Stanton Shaw – OVERRULED by Emma Chase

Stanton — OMG this guy sigh He was hot as hell in bed. He loved his daughter more than life itself and was a terrific father! He was so charming and also arrogant, but never disrespectful, which made me love him even more.

Stanton Shaw-2

6. Grunt – Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn

Ya, I loved Grunt! The perfect example of unconditional love, Grunt waited, bided his time until it was HIS! He was an amazing dad and step-father, too. And, yes, Intelligent which is an incredibly sexy quality to have in a hero!


7. Jake Becker – Sustained by Emma Chase

THE BEST Emma Chase book yet, Sustained gave us Jake Becker – HOT DAMN – 6’5, 225 lbs of rock-solid muscle! He was a little broken, with a lot of love to share.  He was hilarious, sweet and such an old soul, who had incredible words of wisdom! And he loved kids! GAH how much sexier can you get?

Jake from Sustained



Who are your book boyfriends? Do you have a different casting for the characters above?

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6 responses to “Book Boyfriend Tag – I’m it!

  1. FMA

    YES, I loved this one, too! By the time I answered my “required” BBF’s I didn’t have enough room for all the others. I have so many!

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