Review and Excerpt + Awesome Giveaway for Surviving Ice by KA Tucker

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Review and Excerpt + Awesome Giveaway for Surviving Ice by KA TuckerSurviving Ice on October 27, 2015
Pages: 320

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***The USA TODAY bestselling author of the Ten Tiny Breaths series and Burying Water—which Kirkus Reviews called “a sexy, romantic, gangster-tinged page-turner”—returns with a new novel packed with romance, plot twists, and psychological suspense.***

Ivy, a talented tattoo artist who spent the early part of her twenties on the move, is finally looking for a place to call home. She thinks she might have found it in San Francisco, but all that changes when she witnesses a terrible crime. She’s ready to pack up her things yet again, when a random encounter with a stranger keeps her in the city, giving her reason to stay after all.

That is, until Ivy discovers that their encounter wasn’t random. Not at all…

I was provided a review copy; this did not influence my opinion of the book.

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I am absolutely thrilled to bring you the Review & Excerpt Tour for K.A. Tucker’s SURVIVING ICE!

SURVIVING ICE is a standalone romantic suspense novel and is the fourth book in K.A. Tucker’s Burying Water Series, published by Atria, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. SURVIVING ICE released Tuesday, October 27thGrab your copy today!


Review Surviving Ice

K. A. Tucker ends her Burying Water series with Surviving Ice. This is Ivy’s story. The broken, damaged and scarred tattoo artist whose character we have seen throughout the series. I was looking forward to Ivy’s story. I had grown to love her character.

In Chasing River, we read about Ivy leaving Dublin and landing in San Fransisco. Honestly, I was angry that she left. It didn’t make any sense to me and I was hoping for answers in this book. What we learn is that Ivy is sort of a drifter, she chooses to not lay down roots and gets anxious when she stays in one place for too long. As well, she doesn’t choose to get herself into a committed relationship. Short, one night stands with no strings attached, are her norm. While I felt some loose ends were not necessarily tied up between her disappearance in Chasing River and this book, I see her need to be free and how that definitely is a huge part of her personality.

Now in San Fransisco, Ivy had been living with and working for her uncle since she left Ireland. As soon as she begins to believe she could possibly stay in San Fransisco for the long-term, her uncle is murdered and she is left as the only witness, and responsible party for his house and shop. Feeling the need to quickly sell the house and shop and get the heck out of there, Ivy begins to renovate both. Little does she know that her uncle was hiding a secret, one that has now put a target on her head.

Sebastian has been called to clean up the mess made by two members of the Alliance security company.  His job is to find some damaging evidence which could potentially put Alliance out of business, and kill Ivy if she knows too much.

Getting to know Ivy under the guise of needing tattoo, he soon realizes there is more to her bristly personality than she leads on. He too isn’t one for relationships, preferring one night stands, to long-term commitments. His job doesn’t necessarily allow him to be the committed type. But there is something about Ivy that he can’t deny.

These two were perfect for each other. Ivy challenged Sebastian and kept him on his toes.  Sebastian was smart and able to keep up with her sarcasm. His protective instincts provided Ivy security and allowed her to learn to trust.

The first part of the story was a little slow for me. I found my thoughts drifting sometimes. However, the last 50 or so percent, the pace picked up along with the intrigue, and I began to enjoy the story.  I would most definitely recommend it to fans of the series.


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“We’re closed!” I yell, whipping my head around, my anger at myself for not locking it launched.

A man I’ve never seen before stands motionless in front of me, amusement in his eyes as he stares. Nothing else about him betrays his thoughts, though. His stance is still and relaxed, his angular face perfectly composed.

My heart begins to race with unease.

“I’d like some work done.” His voice is deep, almost gravelly, his tone even and calm.

I climb to my feet, because I don’t like anyone towering over me. And because his piercing eyes unsettle me. Unlike the two-hundred-and-fifty-pound biker who just left, this guy makes me nervous. The wrench is still in my fist, and I grip it tightly now. “I’m not working today.”


“I’m not working tomorrow either.” The corner of his mouth twitches as we face off against each other. “When will you be working again, then?”

He’s patient. It’s annoying. But he also seems very interested in this tattoo, which makes it less likely that he’s here to hurt me. I relax my grip on the wrench. “I won’t be. Not here, anyway. Black Rabbit is closed for good, or at least until it opens under new ownership.”

He pauses, his shrewd gaze weighing so heavily on me that I finally have to look away from him. I feel like a sophomore year science class dissection—the unfortunate amphibian donated in the name of education. “That’s a shame.”

Either he’s not from around here or he hasn’t read the news. Or he’s one of those sickos who gets a kick out of crime scenes. “It is.” What’s really a shame is that this guy didn’t come a few weeks ago, because I gladly would have agreed to mark his entire body with my hands then.

On first-glance impression, he actually reminds me of Jesse Welles, the love of my teenage life, though I’d never admit that to anyone. This guy’s eyes are lighter—a cool chocolate rather than near-black—but they have that same intensity; a similar smirk sits atop his full lips. He, too, has dark hair coating his hard, masculine jaw; it’s just sculpted to a perfect short beard. He’s taller and broader than Jesse. Harder looking, not just by a few years of age but as if by life itself. That’s a little concerning, given the kind of life that Jesse Welles has already lived.

But there’s something distinctly different about this guy, too. I can’t quite place it, but I can feel it. Something slightly “off.” Or maybe it’s just this place that’s making everything in my life feel off—after all, my mind is still in a haze over Ned’s death. The last thing I should be thinking about right now is this guy or Jesse or getting laid.


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The top-selling, beloved indie author of Ten Tiny Breaths returns with a new romance about a young woman who loses her memory—and the man who knows that the only way to protect her is to stay away.

Left for dead in the fields of rural Oregon, a young woman defies all odds and survives—but she awakens with no idea who she is, or what happened to her. Refusing to answer to “Jane Doe” for another day, the woman renames herself “Water” for the tiny, hidden marking on her body—the only clue to her past. Taken in by old Ginny Fitzgerald, a crotchety but kind lady living on a nearby horse farm, Water slowly begins building a new life. But as she attempts to piece together the fleeting slivers of her memory, more questions emerge: Who is the next-door neighbor, quietly toiling under the hood of his Barracuda? Why won’t Ginny let him step foot on her property? And why does Water feel she recognizes him?

Twenty-four-year-old Jesse Welles doesn’t know how long it will be before Water gets her memory back. For her sake, Jesse hopes the answer is never. He knows that she’ll stay so much safer—and happier—that way. And that’s why, as hard as it is, he needs to keep his distance. Because getting too close could flood her with realities better left buried.

The trouble is, water always seems to find its way to the surface.


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Luke Boone doesn’t know exactly what his uncle Rust is involved in but he wants in on it-the cars, the money, the women. And it looks like he’s finally getting his wish. When Rust hands him the managerial keys to the garage, they come with a second set—one that opens up the door to tons of cash and opportunity. Though it’s not exactly legal, Luke’s never been one to worry about that sort of thing. Especially when it puts him behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 and onto the radar of gorgeous socialite named Rain.

Clara Bertelli is at the top of her game—at only twenty-six years old, she’s one of the most successful undercover officers in the Washington D.C. major crime unit, and she’s just been handed a case that could catapult her career and expose one of the west coast’s most notorious car theft rings. But, in order to do it, she’ll need to go deep undercover as Rain Martines. Her target? The twenty-four-year old nephew of a key player who appears ready to follow in his uncle’s footsteps.

As Clara drifts deeper into the luxurious lifestyle of Rain, and further into the arms of her very attractive and charming target, the lines between right and wrong start to blur, making her wonder if she’ll be able to leave it all behind. Or if she’ll even want to.


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Armed with two years’ worth of savings and the need to experience life outside the bubble of her Oregon small town, twenty-five-year old Amber Welles is prepared for anything. Except dying in Dublin. Had it not been for the bravery of a stranger, she might have. But he takes off before she has the chance to offer her gratitude.

Twenty-four-year-old River Delaney is rattled. No one was supposed to get hurt. But then that American tourist showed up. He couldn’t let her die, but he also couldn’t risk being identified at the scene—so, he ran. Back to his everyday life of running his family’s pub. Only, everyday life is getting more and more complicated, thanks to his brother, Aengus, and his criminal associations. When the American girl tracks River down, he quickly realizes how much he likes her, how wrong she is for him. And how dangerous it is to have her around. Chasing her off would be the smart move.

Maybe it’s because he saved her life, or maybe it’s because he’s completely different from everything she’s left behind, but Amber finds herself chasing after River Delaney. Amber isn’t the kind of girl to chase after anyone.

And River isn’t the kind of guy she’d want to catch.


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About K. A. Tucker

K.A. Tucker writes captivating stories with an edge.

She is the USA Today bestselling author of 17 books, including the Causal Enchantment, Ten Tiny Breaths and Burying Water series, He Will Be My Ruin, Until It Fades, Keep Her Safe, and The Simple Wild. Her books have been featured in national publications including USA Today, Globe & Mail, Suspense Magazine, First for Women, and Publisher’s Weekly. She has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance 2013 for TEN TINY BREATHS and Best Romance 2018 for THE SIMPLE WILD. Her novels have been translated into 16 languages.

K.A. Tucker currently resides in a quaint town outside of Toronto with her family.

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