What are you listening to?

Posted December 23, 2015 by FMA in Audible

Do you listen to audiobooks?

I didn’t use to. I had this memory of when I was younger and audio books were on cassettes and they were BAD. Also, just like a movie tells a different story from the book, I was afraid audios would change the book experience for me.

So what changed?

One day, I was given the opportunity to listen to an audio book for one of my favorite books ever, Kiss the Sky by Krista and Becca Ritchie. And I. LOVED. IT! This audio was done with dual narrators so that both the female and male parts were represented. The ‘movie’ in my head was so different from what I had when I read the book – in a good way – partly because the male narrator – Mark Boyett was so good, I could listen to his voice all day!

Now I love them!

Since that first experience, I have decided to try and listen to at least one audio a month. Many of my friends listen to more, but I fit them in when I can. There are some very good narrators out there. My favorites are those who don’t drastically change their voice when representing a different character. This drives me crazy when they do. For example, a male trying to sound like a female when quoting her line just sounds cheesy to me and is distracting.

Sample Sunday

I have a nearly monthly post called, Sample Sunday, where I highlight the audio book I read that month. You an read more about that HERE. This month I am listening (at the time of writing) to Restless Waters (Left Drowning #2) by Jessica Park. It has started out good. It has been good to have while waiting in traffic or lines this holiday season.


What about you? Do like Audio Books? What are your favorites?



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7 responses to “What are you listening to?

  1. My favourite audiobooks are The Rock Chick Series by Kristen Ashley. The narrator is really good. She does change her voice but it’s so well done you can always tell when a character has changed without having to wait for the – “said so and so”.

  2. Do it!! Seriously I love the narrator. I just finished Hector and Sadie’s story and it made me want to re-read the whole lot again…well re-listen 🙂 Just a warning, listening doesn’t stop me from bawling. So if you normally cry in a book and you listen in public, Hector and Sadie’s is probably not the best one to start with.

  3. I love audio books. Here’s a fun – yet crazy – fact though…. I’ve never listened to an audio book I haven’t read first. I get my favorites in audio so I can have something awesomely familiar to listen to while I’m cleaning and doing all my domestic household stuff.

  4. FMA

    GretchenAlthough I have a few new one’s right now whose books I haven’t read, the majority of audio’s I’ve listened to have been “rereads”, too. I have begun to enjoy them more and more.

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