Loving the White Liar by Kate Stewart

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Loving the White Liar by Kate StewartLoving the White Liar by Kate Stewart
Published by Indie
on July 19th 2015
Pages: 263
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

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I met my true love when I was twenty-seven. He was handsome, charming, witty, and irresistible. Jayden Monroe came along when I was struggling with indecision and made things simple, turned monochrome into vivid color, and forever altered my perspective on life.

I was not naive enough to believe in happily ever after, but with Jayden, it seemed possible . . . until I realized something wasn’t quite right.

You see, I met a man who would be anyone I needed him to be, and after I found out that fact, I knew it would be impossible to walk away. His disorder, however, would change everything I ever thought about love and what it truly meant to accept someone for who they are.

This is not my sob story; this is his success story.

This is an ADHD love story and is for mature audiences only. This book contains explicit sex and strong language.

Review Loving the white liar

❝You never know how much strength you have until you are forced to push through the impossible. You never know how dirty things can get until you’ve been in the trenches. And you can never imagine how much you can truly love someone until you’ve experienced those hurts together and shared the shovel in digging your way out of the dark.❞

Loving the White Liar was poignant, provocative and thought-provoking.

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Dealing with a loved one’s mental illness is not easy, living it, is even harder. Kate Stewart showcased the struggle with this novel. She tackled the ugly, the pain, and the heartache and what she found was understanding, acceptance and unconditional love.

❝His poison could come at me in any form. I would be its greatest contender.❞

I admired Hilary’s strength and perseverance. Despite Jayden’s explosive and trying behavior, she overcame the devastation it caused, looked beyond the ADHD to see the man she loved. She was solid and resolute in her love. She stood by and supported him. Hilary’s job was not easy, but when you love someone and take the time to look beyond the bad, the rewards you receive at the end are well worth it.

Jayden suffered from ADHD. It affected his relationships, his job, his self-esteem, his mood… the one solid thing he had going for him was his love for Hilary. He believed he was damaged, unlovable and unworthy of love. Her strength encouraged him and drove him to be best he could be. She was the first woman, aside from his mother, who had shown him, unconditional love.

❝It was real. It was love. It was happiness. It was us, and for Jayden and I, that meant always.❞

This was a great read. You could feel the author’s passion in her words. My first book by this author, I can’t wait to read more from Kate Stewart!


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