2017 Reading Challenge — Conquer my TBR!

Posted January 17, 2017 by FMA in Reading Challenges

Here it is January 17th, and I finally decided on my reading challenge for 2017! I don’t generally make new year resolutions for the same reason most people don’t… I am terrible at keeping them. But what I found out the last couple of years, I am great at keeping reading challenges!

I have 200 unread books in my Kindle library and 15 in my iBooks library. This is the year I will conquer my TBR. Okay, let’s not get carried away, conquer may be a strong word. Dent. I will make a dent in my TBR. I want to read at least as many books from my TBR as I purchase or receive as an ARC.  Therefore, for every purchased book or ARC I receive (starting today), I have to read 1 from my TBR. Ideally, I would like to read two, but I don’t think my schedule will allow that.

I’m not sure I will make it. I hope I do!

Do you have a reading challenge for this year?

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