Happy Release Day, Hearts On Air and LH Cosway!

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Happy Release Day, Hearts On Air and LH Cosway!Hearts on Air by L.H. Cosway
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Series: Hearts #6
Also in this series: Six of Hearts, Hearts of Fire, King of Hearts, Hearts of Blue
Published by Indie
on June 8, 2017
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

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3 weeks. 5 cities. 15 impossible stunts. One reality show.

Trevor Cross came into Reya Cabrera’s world with a bang and faded out with a whimper. They vowed to make it work, but life had other plans. After chasing his TV dreams for years, Trev finally became the UK’s next big reality star, but he alienated his family and friends in the process. Now he finally has everything he ever wanted. Women. Money. Fame. But none of it means anything when he doesn’t have the one thing that matters most: love.

Money leaves a gaping hole. Fame surrounds him with loneliness. And no woman makes him feel like Reya used to before the whirlwind of success pulled them apart.

He has a plan to get her back. However, with a hectic filming schedule looming, the only way to do that is to convince her to come on the road with him. Reya has been stuck in a rut for a while, and the opportunity to travel across Europe and play her music for new audiences seems like heaven. The only catch? She has to do it with the one boy who ever got close enough to break her heart. But he’s not a boy anymore, and as she gets to know him again she can’t deny her respect for the man he’s become.

Every time she’s around him her heart feels full of air, like a balloon about to pop. Little does she know, Trev’s feelings are just as tumultuous as hers. One thing’s for sure, these three weeks on the road together will either make them whole again or break them irrevocably.

**Hearts on Air is a contemporary romance and book #6 in the Hearts series, however it can also be read as a complete standalone.**

Today is a lovely day, fellow book addicts! Hearts On Air by L.H. Cosway is live!!! I LOVED this book! Below, you will find my 4.5-star review and an awesome giveaway!

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Slow burn romance, check! Sexual tension, check! Friends to lovers, check

❝Don’t pretend like you can’t feel this. Imagine how it would be. All this tension that’s been building up for years finally having an outlet. I bet you’d blow my mind. I bet it would be fucking epic.❞

I have been excited for Trevor and Reya’s story since Hearts of Blue where we first saw Trev flirting with Reya. They were dynamic and exciting. He was electric and she was grounded and I just knew when they got together they would explode!

And I was right.

❝Ruined. You’re going to ruin me for anyone else, Reya Cabrera.

Trevor had been the wild one of the Cross brothers. The one who couldn’t settle down, who needed excitement to feed his energy. Thinking fame and fortune would be the answer to his need for security, he gladly agreed to be a part of a reality tv show that focused on a group of parkour experts. Leaving his family and friends behind, he set out on what proved to be a thrilling, life-changing adventure. As with any reality show, the camera followed the group nearly 24/7. They became a huge hit in the UK. So why did Trevor feel like something was missing?

❝Good. Lord. His smell. He smelled like home. He embraced me like love.❞

Reya had been on her own for years. Her family shunned her and betrayed her by not believing the truth. Barely making enough to survive, yet determined to make her dreams come true, she worked in a club and busked. Material things weren’t important, but survival was, so when she lost her job at the club and was offered the job as a PA while Trev’s team was on tour, she realized this was an opportunity of a lifetime. She could play her music worldwide while making money. But could she keep Trevor at arm’s length or would she be sucked in by his charm?

❝You came in like a wrecking ball.❞

❝That was Trev down to a T.  Destructive. Addictive. Fascinating. Frustrating. Too full of energy to pin down. At times he wrecked me. Other times he built me up. Our relationship was complicated.❞

One of the things I love most about Cosway’s books is her ability to bring out the fragility in her characters. They are flawed, they are real, and they are always redeemed. I have yet to read a book from her where drama is fabricated for the sake of drama. The circumstances of her conflict are derived from the ailment of the flawed character. Just like real life. Her writing is fluid. Her characters divine. Her stories captivating.

Hearts on Air was a dazzling, thrilling adventure!

This song for me, was the perfect song for this story!

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