Irresistible You by Kate Meader — Review

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Irresistible You by Kate Meader  — ReviewIrresistible You by Kate Meader
Series: Chicago Rebels #1
Published by Pocket Star
on August 14, 2017
Pages: 300
Genres: Romance, Sports, Hockey


Three estranged sisters inherit their late father’s failing hockey franchise and are forced to confront a man’s world, their family’s demons, and the battle-hardened ice warriors skating into their hearts.

Harper Chase has just become the most powerful woman in the NHL after the death of her father Clifford Chase, maverick owner of the Chicago Rebels. But the team is a hot mess—underfunded, overweight, and close to tapping out of the league. Hell-bent on turning the luckless franchise around, Harper won’t let anything stand in her way. Not her gender, not her sisters, and especially not a veteran player with an attitude problem and a smoldering gaze designed to melt her ice-compacted defenses.

Veteran center Remy “Jinx” DuPre is on the downside of a career that’s seen him win big sponsorships, fans’ hearts, and more than a few notches on his stick. Only one goal has eluded him: the Stanley Cup. Sure, he’s been labeled as the unluckiest guy in the league, but with his recent streak of good play, he knows this is his year. So why the hell is he being shunted off to a failing hockey franchise run by a ball-buster in heels? And is she seriously expecting him to lead her band of misfit losers to a coveted spot in the playoffs?

He’d have a better chance of leading Harper on a merry skate to his bed…

I was provided a review copy; this did not influence my opinion of the book.

Funny, sexy and addictive, ‘Irresistible You’ is a great start to the Chicago Rebels series! The first book I’ve read by this author, I really enjoyed Kate Meader’s voice and story-telling.

Remy (Jinx) DuPre is considered the unluckiest guy in the NHL. He’s a star player who is down on his luck. He wants the Stanley Cup and this is his last year to get it. So when he’s traded to a losing team, the Chicago Rebels, he’s none too happy about it!

Harper Chase and her two sisters have just inherited the Chicago Rebels professional hockey team, with stipulations. If they can’t turn this team around they will lose it! Now, Harper is tasked with getting acquainted and working with her two estranged sisters as well as finding a way have a winning season. Harper hopes bringing Remy DuPre to the team will be the spark the Rebels need.

What neither planned on was the growing attraction to each other. She’s not his type, and he’s off-limits. But when they are together they are sparks fly. Harper is a strong female character. She knows what she wants and is smart enough to go after it. What she isn’t so well in tuned with are her needs. But no worries, Remy is a good ole southern boy. He knows how to take care of his woman. And he intends to make Harper his!

‘Irresistible You’ had great characters and story development that set up the next books in the series perfectly. I cannot wait to read more about these sisters and hockey hunks!


“Remy!” A tall redhead wearing what looked like a band of gauze lassoing two Goodyear blimps threw her arms around his neck. “I can’t believe you’re here!”

The new arrival practically knocked Harper out of the way, pretzeled her stacked body around Remy’s, and sucked on the Cajun’s lips like an anteater. It took him a good three and a half seconds—but who was counting?—before he drew back.

“Have we met, chérie?”

“We have now, Jinx,” she purred. “I just wanted to welcome you to Chi-Town. Properly.”

His mouth hardened slightly. “Well, it sure is a pleasure, but right now I’m kind of in the middle of something, so I’ll have to take a rain check.” His eyes flickered over the woman’s shoulder to where Harper was sipping on her whiskey, enjoying the show. She had a perfect view of the woman’s tramp stamp—the positively poetic Get Some with an arrow pointing down—along with her above-the-waistband leopardprint thong.

Goodyear Blimps speared a look designed to put Harper six feet under twice over and then quickly recalibrated her smile for Remy. From her cleavage, she extracted a (crumpled, undoubtedly sweatstained) business card and placed it in Remy’s jeans pocket. It took a few moments to ensure it was safely secured.

“The welcome offer is open-ended, Jinx.”

Another wince crossed Remy’s face, though Goodyear missed it as she was too busy trying to maintain her center of gravity on her totter toward the bar.

“ ‘The welcome offer is open-ended, Jinx ,’ ” Harper mimicked in her most breathless gush, adding a bout of vehement eyelash batting into the mix.

“Don’t be jealous, now, Harper. I sent her away, didn’t I?”


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