Heart of Glass (Fostering Love, #3) by Nicole Jacqueline → Review

Posted July 1, 2018 by FMA in 4 Stars - It quenched my addiction!

Heart of Glass (Fostering Love, #3) by Nicole Jacqueline → ReviewHeart of Glass Series: Fostering Love #3
Also in this series: Change of Heart
Published by Forever
on June 10, 2018
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Review Copy Provided By: Forever, Grand Central Publishing

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The next standalone novel from Nicole Jacquelyn about love, friendship, and forgiveness.
Henry Harris was living his dream as a staff sergeant in the Marines. When he's killed in action, his devastated family is in for one more shock: he had a daughter they never knew about.
Morgan Riley has been raising Etta on her own, and that's always been fine by her - until Henry's brother Trevor arrives on her doorstep, willing to do anything to help and make up for his brother's mistakes. Their attraction feels wrong, but Morgan can't seem to turn him away.
Trevor is suddenly in too deep. He has always wanted a family, but Etta and Morgan come with complications. Yet as Etta brings them closer together, Trevor begins to imagine giving Morgan and Etta the life his brother never could. But he wonders if Morgan will ever learn to trust another man with her heart, especially a man whose last name is Harris.

I was provided a review copy; this did not influence my opinion of the book.

Single mother, Morgan Riley was raising her adorable daughter, Etta on her own. Etta’s father, Henry Harris, wasn’t interested in being a father. He was a staff sergeant in the Marines and had no plans on having a family. Morgan knew his intentions from the start; they were friends (with benefits) and she never expected anything more. But even this determined bachelor couldn’t shirk his responsibilities completely. He made sure that Morgan and Etta would be the recipients of his life insurance should he die while serving his country.

Trevor Harris was devastated at the loss of his brother. But his world tilted on its axis when not only did he discover his brother had a child whom he’d abandoned but also a child he never told his family about!

Determined to make sure Henry’s daughter was safe and taken care of, Trevor took off to meet Morgan. He hoped the two could be friends and that she would allow the Harris family to become a part of Etta’s life.

Henry not only instantly fell for Etta but he fell for Morgan. And while he wanted her to be a permanent part of his life, he was worried what people would think about him going after his dead brother’s ex and more importantly, he was worried Morgan didn’t feel the same way about him.

While Morgan cared about Trevor, her past didn’t teach her how to let someone love her. Instead, she learned how to only depend only on herself and to keep her feelings locked away. When it got to be too much, it was easier to run than it was to deal with the feelings, the family and the possibility of happiness.

While I loved Trevor, and his desire to have and take care of Morgan and Etta, Morgan was a difficult character to connect with. On the one hand, I understood her defense mechanism to not trust people, but she seemed to always assume the worst in others and that made her a difficult character to like. Also, I was confused about how Etta was able to carry on a coherent conversation one minute and then speak complete gibberish the next.

But what captivated me was the tender love story. It was healing, reverent and sweet. Showcasing the feelings of trepidation and elation, Jacqueline captured the essence of falling in love! Heart of Glass was a tender and endearing love story!


About Nicole Jacquelyn

When Nicole Jacquelyn was eight and people asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she told them she wanted to be a mom. When she was twelve, her answer changed to author. Her dreams stayed constant. First, she became a mom, and then during her senior year of college–with one daughter in first grade and the other in preschool–she sat down and wrote a story. 

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3 responses to “Heart of Glass (Fostering Love, #3) by Nicole Jacqueline → Review

  1. These kinds of books are always super cute… But, a little weird! Do you really want to sleep with someone who slept with your BROTHER?? ? Take his child as your own??… Weird….

  2. FMA

    Well, in this instance, both brothers had been adopted into the same home at different ages. So I didn’t find the storyline offensive. However, I certainly see where it could be weird had the circumstances been different. 🙂

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