You guys, I’m asking for your help! Please Consider Voting for Community Linc, Today! 

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Community LINC (a charity near and dear to me) has been selected as a State Farm Neighborhood Assist Top 200 Finalist to win $25,000 and your vote is needed to help END HOMELESSNESS IN GREATER KANSAS CITY! (Anyone can VOTE)


 To end homelessness, impact poverty and remove barriers to self-sufficiency for the families we serve.

Things to know:
1) You don’t have to live in Kansas City to VOTE!
2) Their grant entry was chosen out of 2000 total entries for the chance to be one of 40 winners.
3) You can vote each day until August 24th at 11:59 est.
4) Anyone voting is allowed up to 10 votes per day, and once you register, you’ll be able to cast all 10 votes at once!



To end homelessness in Kansas City for this generation and the next.

We envision building a stronger Kanas City a place, a home, a community for everyone by permanently ending homelessness for this generation and the next.

As one of the largest single-site providers of interim housing for homeless families, our work is far from done. In Kansas City, 33% of our homeless population consists of families. While most shelters in our area can only accommodate four or five family members, Community LINC can house up to seven members in a household. Most programs in our area also require that parents are married and some programs do not allow men. Community LINC helps all families with children.

We don’t just re-house families-we provide necessary tools to become self-sufficient, thriving members of the community. Families participate in housing coordination services, budgeting, employment services, mental wellness counseling, and children’s programs. Our comprehensive approach empowers sustained independence.

Community LINC provides programming and services to over 120 families each year consisting of around 300 children and 140 adults. The families we serve have timed out of shelters-some lived in cars or tents and other places not meant for long-term human habitation. Many don’t have basic hygiene items like toothbrushes, washcloths, soap, or deodorant.

$25,000 would help us provide homeless families with basic hygiene items, bedding, towels and supplies, and the supportive services needed to stabilize our families. The more homeless families we can give a hand up to, the stronger our economy and communities become. Together, we can end homelessness by providing homefullness.

As a data-driven leader in our community, we continually study our programs to meet the needs of our community and guide an innovative approach to ending homelessness.

2013-2017 data from the Kansas City Metro Homeless Information Management System shows that 84% of our graduates remained housed and did not become homeless again! More impactful is the impact on our local community. Assuming sustained employment, families generated over $8.3 million in additional taxable income from employment and decreased reliance on public assistance by over $1.4 million.

In 2017, we served 116 families consisting of 427 people including 287 children and 140 adults. 63% increased income, and 73% of adults decreased housing-related debts.

Our programs transformed the lives of families with housing and critical programming that has an immediate and lasting impact on their lives. Much of our success is attributed to our evidence-based approach of housing acquisition and ongoing support.

 Please Consider Voting Today!


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