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Travis by Mia Sheridan –> ReviewTravis (Pelion Lake, #1) by Mia Sheridan
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Series: Pelicon Lake #1
Published by Independently published
on July 19, 2021
Pages: 366
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
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Travis Hale has it all. An important role as the chief of police in the idyllic town of Pelion, Maine. Looks that regularly and consistently make women fall at his feet. Two nephews and a niece he adores, and a family who’s mostly forgiven him after a series of unfortunate decisions years before. Perhaps his past is riddled with regrets and misguided choices, but his future looks bright and limitless.

Until the new guy in town crosses him in a way both shocking and indefensible.

A guy who, as it turns out, has a sister who may be equally as disastrous to Travis’s well-ordered plans, though in an altogether different manner. Not that there’s any real risk of him falling for the smoothie-making, birdseed-eating wild woman. She’s not even his type. A plant lady from California with a head of unruly curls and an equally messy past. More than that, she’s only in town for the summer, busy mooning over perfect-in-every-way Gage Buchanan.

And if Travis knows anything, it’s that he refuses to be second best. Ever again.

Haven Torres’s life fell apart. Or more to the point, it burned to the ground. At the time, it seemed like a solid idea to jump in her car, her brother a mostly-willing co-pilot, and embark on a cross-country adventure.

When they land jobs at an exclusive tennis and golf club in a picturesque lake town in Maine, Haven’s hopeful it might prove a summer to remember. Especially if she can catch the attention of the most eligible bachelor in town and her current crush. Even the kindest, most upstanding, perfect of men aren’t opposed to summer flings, right?

But when she meets the local police chief—all swagger and arrogance—and learns of her brother’s scandalous misdeed, she knows that Pelion is just another town where their stay is best . . . short-lived. Still, she and Travis strike up an unlikely friendship and Haven sees that the gorgeous lawman isn’t only easy on the eyes, but he has . . . layers.
Not that she’s going to peel any of them. He’s only her friend. A friend willing to scratch her back, if she scratches his.

It seems simple enough. She’ll help him make her brother sweat a little. And he’ll help her win over Gage. But before either Travis or Haven knows it, simple turns complicated, friendship gets flipped on its ear, passion faces down perfection, and they both discover that sometimes you have to lose it all to find exactly what you need.

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The transformed bad boy falls in love with the plant lady.

❝Reality was never just the picture of events. It was the smells and the sounds and a hundred other small details no one else would ever understand because they hadn’t been there, standing among the ashes as your world burned down.❞

Police Chief Travis Hale had not always been a respectable person. He’d done terrible things to so many people in his life that his misdeeds would fill pages and pages. Maturity, feeling loved by his brother and sister-in-law, along with feeling accepted by the town helped shape him into a more responsible, caring human.

Haven and her brother Easton had been on the move for several years. Traveling from one small town to the next, staying just long enough to get a job and save enough money to move on. They didn’t  plant roots, didn’t develop long lasting relationships and had no plans on staying in any location permanently.

When Travis’s apartment is damaged and he’s forced to find temporary housing, he heads to The Yellow Trellis Inn. The Inn is filled with colorful characters who made living there fun. There was Batty Betty – the owner, Cricket – who learned to make her homemade hooch while she was in prison, Clarice the fortune teller, the absolutely adorable blind birdwatcher Burt and Clawdia, the cat along with the plant lady Haven Torres and her bad-boy ladies man of a brother Easton.

While I enjoyed the romance between Travis and Haven, my favorite part of the story was the characters at the Inn. They were charming and heartwarming. I’d love to explore each of their stories.

Because this is Pelion #1 – I hope that means we will get ladies man and fire fighter – Easton’s book, along with books for the adorable Connor, Charlie and Averie Hale!



About Mia Sheridan

Mia Sheridan is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. Her passion is weaving true love stories about people destined to be together. Mia lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband. They have four children here on earth and one in heaven.

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