Best of the Year

This has been a wonderful year for reading.  There are so many amazingly talented authors out there who keep blessing us with the gifts of their talents.  I have been lucky and blessed to have read many outstanding books.  In trying to figure out the criteria for my BEST of the YEAR list, I decided that ratings didn’t matter.  If the book made me feel and think – my criteria for a great book – but for whatever reason was less than a 5*, it could still make the list.  And, the book didn’t have to be published in 2014, just read during this year.  I tried to narrow it down to my top 10, but I couldn’t, so, for the year, here are the books that had the most profound effect on me (the  books are not ranked in order):




TOP SINGLE (These books are not necessarily standalone’s, but perhaps favorite books out of a series):


Becoming Calder

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