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HMPH! I do not even know where to begin. I was confused the whole book. From the 7 POV’s (go to  Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️’s review for a list of those POV’s and a kick-ass review that says everything I felt.) to the plot that never developed, I was left lost and craving for more. I thought this was going to have grit, be dark and a thriller, um, nope! This was more a comedy, what with the silly internal dialogue and the women who overpowered the men, to the MOBSTERS who were not powerful enough, or strong enough to maintain control. I think it was all the sex they kept thinking about that kept them distracted. Because this was more of an erotic comedy than a mafia book.

I do believe I might know why this book didn’t click with me (besides what I mentioned above), I haven’t read any of the other books written by these authors yet (even though I do have two on my Kindle), so without the background knowledge of those involved, I was never able to connect with them. Each person/couple was just like a bomb going off in my head, shattered pieces flying everywhere, and I was never able to put them back together again. So my recommendation, if you haven’t read Lili St. Germain Gypsy Brothers series and Callie Hart Blood & Roses series, then chances are great that you will be as confused as me, so read those books first!

**EDITED**  After speaking with several friends who read this book and the two series above, it is not necessary to have read either series before this one.  ***

*ARC provided in exchange for honest review*



Hell’s Kitchen (Hell’s Kitchen #1) by Callie Hart , Lili St. Germain 
Expected publication: March 3rd 2015 by Hart Saint Germain

*From International Bestselling authors Callie Hart and Lili St. Germain comes a tale of two families co-existing in a melting pot of violence, murder and drugs in the seedy underbelly of New York City*

Hell’s Kitchen

Theo and Sal Barbieri are brothers, tasked by their Mafioso father Roberto with a very clear purpose: kidnap Kaitlin McLaughlin. The beautiful daughter of Roberto’s Irish enemy. It’s high time Kaitlin was punished for her father’s sins—not to mention, her own.

And Operation: Kidnap Kaitlin is a roaring success… until it isn’t. When Kaitlin escapes into the busy streets of New York City, it’s a race against the clock to find her before Sal and Theo become the hunted.

Zeth Mayfair has traded his life as a hitman for a quieter existence, but it isn’t long before the past catches up with him in the form of Roberto Barbieri. Will he succumb to the lure of power that Roberto is offering? Or will he retaliate by killing every last Barbieri in New York to get them off his back?

Jason Ross is running. Woken in the night by a tip that the Gypsy Brothers are coming for him, he packs a bag and gets his girlfriend the hell out of dodge. Arriving in New York City in the midst of a heatwave is one thing, but being tailed by an entire drug cartel is another.

Worlds collide in Hell’s Kitchen as secrets come to light and sins are punished. Because we might be different in the light of day, but in the darkness, we’re all connected somehow.

Hell’s Kitchen is a serial comprising three volumes: Hell’s Kitchen, Tribeca and Bleecker Street. Volume One releases on March 3rd with a limited-time sale price of 99 cents.

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