When devastation turns into a life lesson and reminder.

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It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this post. But as many of you know, writing down your thoughts and/or getting them out of your head by sharing with others, helps you deal with what’s weighing you down. No, this isn’t a book related post. If you want that, skip this one.

This morning the 1400+ student body at my son’s high school are mourning the loss of one of their friends and the devastation that caused two other teenagers and families.

Yesterday after school let out one of their male friends (18 years old) was driving his two passengers (15-year-olds)  through the old part of our town, where hills are high and curves are sharp. Speeding and thrill riding is the norm. Neighbors have stopped walking the streets for fear of being hit. As with every teenager, these three could not foresee the danger. They believed they were invincible with a long life to look forward to.

The male driver came speeding up over the last hill and hit the curve with too much speed, flinging his car out of control. After hitting several small trees, his vehicle went air born and hit a large oak tree (about 8 feet in the air). After that impact, the car flipped five times through the wooded area and down several hundred feet into a ravine. Killing the fifteen-year-old female in the back seat. It is unknown if she was buckled in, as when she was found, she was out of the vehicle, dead. The driver and his front seat passenger survived. He is in serious condition, she suffered minor injuries.

When the second female woke at the hospital she screamed and became inconsolable, screaming and crying for her friend.

The male driver is distraught. These were his life-long friends. He begged them in the hospital to let him die. He will never be the same.

None of the families or friends will ever be the same. The young female who died was an only child to a single mom. (The young girl’s father left when she was very young.) This poor mother has no family. She is left struggling to deal with this loss on her own. Sure our community will rally support, but that is a band-aid. My heart aches for her.

Today, give your kids an extra hug. Hug your loved ones that are near, call your friends and family that aren’t and tell them you love them. You never know when they will be called home, you never know when their time will come. Hug them, cherish them and tell them daily you love them.

Looking into the watery eyes of my devastated 15-year-old son who just lost his friends is something I will never forget. Hearing his sadness and fears and seeing him at a complete loss of understanding, was horrific. I dropped him off at FCA this morning, where he is a leader. He has to be strong for others when he doesn’t feel strong. I am so proud of him. I cherish and love him. And I will never go a day without letting him know that.

Hugs to you, I love this community.


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  1. Jaime Long


    My heart aches for you, your son, and your community. I am from a small town and losses like that are so profound. My prayers are with you all! Big hugs!!!!

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