5 Stars for Room for More (Cranberry Inn #2) by Beth Ehemann

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Room For More Series: Cranberry Inn #2
Also in this series: Room For You, Room For Just A Little Bit More

So, I’m still here, doin’ my 5 star happy dance! ‘Room for More’ is the second in the Cranberry Inn series, and the follow-up to Room for You It is just as good, just as sweet, just as funny, and sexy, yet more intense than the first. Again, the writing is fluid and detailed and held my attention throughout the book. I finished this in one sitting!

This picks up where Room for You left off. And since it was a cliff hanger, I won’t say much here, other than in order for their relationship to thrive and survive, Kacie and Brody have quite a bit of messed up crap to overcome. Again, the situations they face are real and life-like. It isn’t far fetched to imagine anyone dealing with these situations. And I loved that about this book.

“You are my future, Kacie. You’re my present and my future and if I could figure out a way to invent a damn time machine, you’d be my past.”

Once again the characters were awesome! I’m still in love with Brody and the girls.

“Mommy, what’s this?” Lucy ran up to her mom holding a condom.
“Have you ever eaten ribs, Lucy?” I asked. “You know how your hands get all messy and they give you those little wet towelettes to clean up with after? That’s what that is.”
“Ooooh, Okay.” “I told you it wasn’t candy, Piper.”

But I have a girl crush on Darla! She’s my crazy hero. And the way she sticks up for Kacie in her time of need was fabulous!

I hope what I’ve read is true and that there will be other books to come out about the side characters. Because I really want to read about Viper and Darla. As well as a few others. I love Beth Ehemann and will read anything she puts out next!

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