I have returned to the concrete jungle!

Posted June 13, 2014 by FMA in My letters to you

imageAll has been quiet here for a while as our family went on vacation to the Bahamas! What a beautiful place!  The water was crystal clear in the ocean and warm. You could stand on the shoreline and see the beautiful fish swimming. The sand was soft and white.  I told one friend, after tanning on the beach, I will never look at (read) beach sex scenes the same way again. That stuff gets everywhere! 😉


imageThe people of the Bahamas were beautiful, not just physically, but in spirit too. They were generous, gracious and loving. We took our family off of Atlantis property and into town away from the tourist sites. Everyone was willing to help guide us and tell us about their country. They would show us where the bus stop was and stand with us until it arrived, or walk us to the grocery store. There was no limit to their generosity.  We will not only miss the fun of the island but the people as well. If you ever have an opportunity to go, I certainly encourage it. We will never forget this vacation!


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