Good News, everything is working now!

Posted May 2, 2015 by FMA in Miscellaneous


It hasn’t been an easy road transitioning from my old WordPress hosted site to my new self-hosted site.  There have been many issues.  Most of them have been with the JetPack plug-in.  The short of it… none of my blog followers, nor email followers were transferred in the process, nor was I able to publicize my posts.  I was also not able to sign in via WordPress.  In essence my blog was not being recognized as a WordPress site.  (These are just a few of the issues I was experiencing.)

BUT… my followers and email followers have now been added back and I can now publicize YAY!!! JetPack has informed me that blog followers that used to receive emails via WordPress before need to sign up again at my new site as they will no longer receive email notifications.  So, if you would like to continue receiving emails from me, please sign up again. (Sorry for the hassle. 🙁 )

Thank you, for your understanding and patience during this transition, I think we are finally there!!!

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