Willing Captive by Belle Aurora

Posted April 27, 2014 by FMA in 5 Stars - It fed my addiction!


Oh Happy Days! I am still smiling! I finished this at 12:30am this morning. When I awakened from sleep, I realized I had dreamed about this book! I do that sometimes, my mind continues with the story, or adds to it, but only for those that I truly love, enjoy, and/or are inspired by.

This story had it all, it was funny, romantic, heart-warming, and suspenseful. It made me cry, laugh, swoon, and drool, oh – It had an AWESOME super-HERO – NOX!
“A man like Nox is wild. You can’t tame him. You don’t even try,”

What more could you ask for? A super witty, and strong female lead? It had that > Lily, and an amazing cast of supporting characters, Terah, Boo, and Rock!

Terah cracked me up, I mean talk about comedic relief,
“Fine! Become a crazy cat lady. See if I care. Don’t say I didn’t try to help when you’re stroking your pussies all night long wishing someone was stroking yours.”

Boo and Rock were so sweet, funny, and supportive of Lily and Nox. They wanted Nox to be happy and wanted him to have normal, but because the three of them didn’t “exist”, they feared for Lilly’s heart and Nox’s job.

I loved watching the relationship develop between Lily and Nox;
“He never rushed me. He wouldn’t drop me. He was my shield. He would protect me. Against almost anything.”

“Nox loves iced tea, and it reminds me of home.”

“His arm falls lower, across my neck with a hand resting on my shoulder. I tried to pull away but Nox has other ideas. As if he doesn’t even realize it, he talks away with his arm still around me.”

And something as sweet and simple as listening to music together was so real and touching that I felt like a fly on the wall watching their relationship blossom.

They know they are fighting against time, waiting for when she has to return home and he has to…return. But, he promises,
“Doesn’t matter where you are baby, I’ll come for you…I’ll come for you.”

He loves her spirit, she loves his protectiveness. They simply love each other.

Willing Captive is a must read if you want to smile, cry and drool!



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