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Maybe Maby review

★ ★ ★ ★

If you’re gonna laze the day away, at least save it for a cloudy day, she’d say. Otherwise, the sun will stop shining on you…”

I have read two other books by Willow Aster, True Love Story and In the Fields. I loved them both. In the Fields was one of my Favorites of 2014! I felt the writing in those books was truly extraordinary. So, it was really no question that I would purchase the very next book from this author.

First, let me say I LOVED the dedication to her mother at the beginning. It was a touching.

Mabel, Maby is a 28-year-old woman, who is virtually alone in the world. She doesn’t have any family left alive and has been left alone by her cheating ex. Her best friend and rock, left her as well, because he felt guilt over a romantic evening spent with her. (Even though she was planning on breaking up with her boyfriend). She also suffers from OCD and depression. Phew! How much can one person take? My heart was sad for her. Watching her struggle daily, was heartbreaking.

Maby has to learn to navigate through the world with her OCD and not become consumed with depression. It isn’t until she meets Cohen, (well, acknowledges him really because he is the manager at the coffee shop she regularly goes to) that her life begins to improve. He provides the calm in her mind, and makes her feel loved and not alone. Cohen is AMAZING!!! His support and refusal to give up on Maby was awesome!

What didn’t work for me, was the instant-love that I felt in the story. Not from Cohen, but from Maby. She went from self-loathing and feeling she wasn’t good enough for anyone, to loving Cohen. It seemed too rushed to me. I also felt like the dialogue in this book was a little weak, especially compared to this author’s other two books. (I hate comparing them, but it’s difficult not to.)

As my rating suggests, this book didn’t live up to the others for me, but I still enjoyed it. I will still happily purchase her next books.

About the Book
maybe maby

Maybe Maby by Willow Aster

I’m having a meltdown. Not the put-her-in-the-loony-bin kind, but the rock-in-the-corner-so-I-can-breathe kind. Maybe they’re one and the same and I really do need to be put away, but I think I just need a little air. I’m bone tired. My eyes look like I haven’t slept in weeks. I’m eating my feelings and developing a pudge that isn’t gonna go anywhere if I keep binging on chocolate, nachos and wine.I’m 28 and everyone has left me. I have no friends. My boyfriend left. My mom died, so technically she left me too. I hate my job.I get this overwhelming ‘oh my God, is this what my life is gonna be?’ feeling and I want to die.

Curl up and die.

And since I don’t feel my heartbeat fading or my breathing getting even slightly faint, I panic that I’m gonna have to live.

Maybe Maby is a heartbreaking, and at times, hilarious story about coping with loss, finding love in New York, and learning to recognize hope in the middle of it all.

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