I am so excited to read Things Remembered by L.D. Davis!

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Releasing on January 12th the companion novel to Accidentally on Purpose,
by L. D. Davis

Things Cover

Mayson Grayne has witnessed all of her friends get their Happily Ever Afters, but Mayson doesn’t believe in her own HEA. The only man she ever loved deserted her more than thirteen years ago after her best friend’s tragic death. The only thing Mayson believes in is making it through each day, even though her past as an addict and her broken memories hang over her in a dark cloud.

When Grant Alexander, Mayson’s ex, suddenly reappears, her carefully regimented life is disrupted. Old feelings are dredged up, as well as some distorted memories. Aware of her own instability, Mayson struggles with her past, her hot and cold feelings for Grant, and her drug addiction.

Most of Mayson’s family and friends believe she is okay, but she doesn’t feel okay. As some of her shadowed memories become clearer, one of them with the potential to completely knock her off of her axis, Mayson begins to understand that the truth is not always as she remembers it.

 ***Things Remembered is the last book in the Accidentally On Purpose Series and Accidentally On Purpose Companion Novels series. It is strongly recommended that you read the other books.***

Reading Order (The first 3 are available in one book!):

Accidentally On Purpose

Worthy Of Redemption

Worth The Fight


Girl Code

Things Remembered


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