Things Remembered, by L.D. Davis ~ Review

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Things Remembered, by L.D. Davis ~ ReviewThings Remembered on January 9, 2016
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Mayson Grayne has witnessed all of her friends get their Happily Ever Afters, but Mayson doesn't believe in her own HEA. The one man she ever loved deserted her more than thirteen years ago after her best friend's tragic death. The only thing Mayson believes in is making it through each day, even though her past as an addict and her broken memories hang over her in a dark cloud.

When Grant Alexander, Mayson's ex, suddenly reappears, her carefully regimented life is disrupted. Old feelings are dredged up, as well as some distorted memories. Aware of her own instability, Mayson struggles with her past, her hot and cold feelings for Grant, and her drug addiction.

Most of Mayson's family and friends believe she is okay, but she doesn't feel okay. As some of her shadowed memories become more clear, one of them with the potential to completely knock her off of her axis, Mayson begins to understand that the truth is not always as she remembers it.

I was provided a review copy; this did not influence my opinion of the book.

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Mayson’s character, (Emmy’s sassy cousin) had been a little elusive throughout all the AOP series. We knew enough about her to know she was funny, sarcastic and in trouble – she a drug addict, but that was about it. ‘Things Remembered’ is Mayson’s story, her back story, present, and future.

❝I’ve only won a few battles. I’m still fighting the war.❞

On her way to work, Mayson hears her name being called from a crowd of people. The last person she expects to find is her childhood friend, and former lover, Grant Alexander. He is back in town and wants Mayson back in his life. Mayson holds a great deal of anger toward him for leaving her all those years ago, as well, she has deep-seated grief and guilt over the passing of her childhood friend. Add to all of that, being a former addict, she doesn’t feel worthy of love. The end of the road to each other seems too long and bumpy to reach.

Grant Alexander was a fantastic character. I craved his POV. His love and patience for Mayson were unwavering.

❝I am hungry for you, craving you like a man who has been starving for thirteen years, and you are the only one who can satiate my appetite.❞

Mayson doesn’t remember a lot of her past life. She was high most of the time, and what she does remember isn’t always the truth. She learns that things aren’t always what they seem, and giving people a chance is worth it.

It pains me to write anything other than a glowing review for an LD Davis book. Seriously, she is a go-to author for me. I am captivated by her writing. I dubbed her the “Queen of Angst” because she has the uncanny ability to play with my emotions in a way no one else can. Her dialogue is witty, mixed with a little humor and seriousness. I am always drawn into her stories and held prisoner by her characters. She crafts her character’s beautifully, you feel their emotions. You forget you are reading about them and you experience their pain, happiness, sadness and love. But not with Things Remembered. While I did like it, I didn’t love it. For me, it was missing her trademark angst. I found it lacking dialogue… a good part of the book read more like women’s fiction than a romance novel. This caused the book to drag for me. I did still experience “feels”. There were parts that were still captivating, the beginning and about the last 25% were my favorite. I enjoyed the relationship which formed between Natalie, Alex, and Mayson. Their interactions touched my heart. As well, once Mayson realized she was important and began fighting for what she believed, I couldn’t help but root for her.

Things Remembered is a story of forgiveness and redemption, about learning to trust not only others but yourself, too.

‘Things Remembered’ is a companion novel to the ‘Accidentally on Purpose’ series and while it can be read alone, if you have not read that series or the spin-off’s, I think you would get more understanding and appreciation of this book and other characters by reading them first.


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