Are all the gorgeous covers reserved for YA books?

Posted February 15, 2016 by FMA in Special Post

Have you ever noticed how beautiful YA covers are?

Some of the most stunning and gorgeous book covers I have seen are the ones on Young Adult books. It is as if the author and publisher of these books realize the importance of an amazing cover.

Wait a minute, what about Adult Romance?

Now I am not saying Adult romance books aren’t stunning. What I am saying is by far, Young Adult books have it going on! As a whole, they surpass Adult covers by leaps and bounds. I’m not sure why that is. Like food, we first “feast” with our eyes. So even though a truly epic story may be hidden behind that so, so cover, many of us will never know. Because we won’t take the time to look. Because upon first glance, our palate isn’t whetted.

Let me show you what I mean.

I did a random search for YA covers. I didn’t have to search into the depths of the interwebs to find what I was looking for. But I was overwhelmed by what I found. Page after page showed me that these authors and publishers are smart marketers.

Here is just a sampling of what I found.

It is time adult romance authors and publishers look beyond the hot cover model. Stop with the stock photo images that everyone is using.
Not only is it boring, it is getting confusing.

Okay, let me amend that statement, it is never boring looking at a hot male. But I can find that on my own by searching the internet. If you want to sell me your books, make your covers something extraordinary that will catch my attention. Example…. I think that guy with the hair and beard, is hot as hell (not naming names, because I don’t wish anyone jobless), but if I see his face and body on one more cover, I will pass up that book! And by confusing I mean, I have seen many books with the same stock photo. I know it isn’t always possible to choose different images because sometimes they are chosen at the same time. But not always. Repeat photo images confuse us, distract us and may make us judge your book by the one we loved or hated with that same cover image.

While I believe Young Adult covers are the best, I have seen gorgeous adult romance covers. I will share those with you next, so stay tuned.


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10 responses to “Are all the gorgeous covers reserved for YA books?

  1. FMA

    Bex, I am tempted to read Young Adult books because of their covers. I want to know more about what is inside. Very smart marketing!!!

  2. Steph

    Yes yes yes! I personally love reading YA, and I’m so sick of the shirtless men with their faces cut off on covers. Those do NOT grab my attention

  3. FMA

    Steph RIGHT?! Everywhere you look, it is abs, hairless chests, beards, “sexy hair”, rinse, wash, repeat! I want something different, something fresh! GIVE ME AWESOME ~ covers should represent the material inside. If you think you have awesome material, give me an awesome cover!

  4. Kim B

    Fabulous post! I agree!
    I was in a book store the other day (shocking I know) and saw that Cassandra Claire’s Mortal Instrument series got new covers … the originals were pretty, but the new ones? Gorgeous!

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