A Social Experiment Gone RIGHT! Felony Ever After Was A Hit!

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A Social Experiment Gone RIGHT! Felony Ever After Was A Hit!Felony Ever After: A Domino Anthology by Helena Hunting
Published by Hunting Anastasia Productions
on March 22, 2016
Pages: 217
Genres: Humor, Romance
Review Copy Provided By: Hunting Anastasia Productions

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Verity Michaels is new to New York City, but even she knows riding in a stolen a cab is not a normal way to meet someone. Damn it if that tattoo-covered would-be felon isn’t everywhere now, and lighting everything on fire under her skirt.

His name is Hudson Fenn, and he’s frustratingly impossible to pin down. He works as a bike messenger, but has the manners of a prince—along with a strange tendency toward breaking and entering. As much as Verity knows he’s not her type, and likely to land her in jail, she can’t help but find her truest self when they’re together.

Can she be brave enough to give Hudson a real chance? Will he be bold enough to reveal the man beneath the ink, or will his secrecy doom their connection? Also, WTF is the deal with Verity’s boss? No less than thirteen of your favorite romance writers have teamed up to tell this sexy, wacky, snort-inducing tale. With them you’ll visit the world’s most irritating office, a VIP room of questionable cleanliness, and the fanciest apartment a bike messenger has ever inhabited, but you’ll still never see this ending coming.

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Review FEA

❝ Some white knights have tattoos, princess.❞

Hilariously funny, a social experiment gone right! ‘Felony Ever After’ had me laughing out loud, feeling like a detective and swooning all at the same time.

The Challenge: “Pass one chapter to the next author with just the vaguest of outlines to work from and see what emerged.”

13 authors participated. Each with their own writing style, each with their own ideas, each having to write their chapter(s) so that they gel with those before them, and set the groundwork for those that follow.

My greatest fear and query was would each author stay true to the characters of Hudson and Verity?  The answer to that is an overwhelming YES! Each author met this challenge. And I have to say, I am impressed!

Hudson Fenn aka @tatwhiteknight, aka Tattoo, is a bicycle delivery man with secrets. He rides his bike all over New York delivering packages. He looks like a thug but is charming as hell. He’s rebellious, confident and incredibly sexy.

Verity Michaels, aka @VerityPics03, aka Honeybee, loves photography, but after a failed attempt at running her own photography business, she moves from Florida to New York to work as a receptionist for Larold Lay, a man who belongs locked up in a ward rather than running a business. She is a hilarious and strong woman with trust issues.

These two meet totally by accident. They both leave their separate ways after the encounter and she thinks she will never see him again, only she’s wrong because he shows up that day to deliver a package to her boss!

They start dating and lusting after one another. Hudson is very mysterious, keeping secrets and Verity is a little freaked out that he won’t share more, and she begins inventing “personas” and scenarios to fill the gaps in her knowledge. His secretive behavior throws her trust issues into overdrive!

There is a little mystery involved, and I am not saying anything else about the plot. Because, well, it’s too crazy to share! The boss is nuts!!!

Once Hudson’s secrets are revealed, I was a little underwhelmed because I didn’t think they were any reason to be kept so secretive. I too had developed these ideas as to who and what he was. And I wanted the secrets to be more, I don’t know, exciting?

Cleverly, tweet messages were included in this novel. They left me in hysterics. My son glared at me as he tried to watch the first pre-season baseball game. I couldn’t help myself.

Honeybee my ass. #HudsonNeedsaPounding

@VerityPics03 I would #honeybee your ass alllll day. #HudsonWantsToPound

and Verity’s drunk tweets were like the ones I receive from my friends. RECEIVE, I am not guilty, #ISwear!

Hello, Vodka. We’re going to be best friends again. #kidding #VodkaIsMyBitch

I’ve never thunk Fireball was a bad idea #RageDrinking

Overall, I LOVED it! What these authors did — with what they were given, was terrific! I found some new (to me) authors I will certainly seek out.



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About Helena Hunting

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of PUCKED, Helena Hunting lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She’s writes contemporary romance ranging from new adult angst to romantic sports comedy.

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