Review — Unveiling Chaos by Jeannine Allison

Posted October 11, 2016 by FMA in 3 Star - It left me craving for more!

Review — Unveiling Chaos by Jeannine AllisonUnveiling Chaos by Jeannine Allison
Series: Unveiling #2
Published by Indie
on October 11, 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Review Copy Provided By: Author

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It was just sex…

Naomi’s life had been steady, in order, planned out… just the way she liked it. But when her boyfriend of five years leaves her for another woman and her mother makes a surprise reappearance in her life, she watches her controlled life fall into chaos. Then she meets, and has a one night stand with, Damien. The last thing on her mind is getting a new boyfriend, yet she can’t deny the attraction she feels, so when he offers no strings sex, it seems like the perfection solution. But the more she gets to know Damien, the more she learns all they have in common, and the line between casual and something more starts to blur. For all her planning, she realizes… you can’t plan love.

It was never just sex…

Damien’s life is busy and hardly ever in order. Between working two jobs, taking care of his sister, and saving up for his own tattoo studio, there are always surprises. When he meets Naomi, the last thing on his mind is getting a girlfriend, but he can’t deny the connection he feels. It’s clear she’s not ready for a relationship, though that won’t stop him from pursuing one… even if he has to lie to her about his intentions. But when one of the things that brought them together, slowly tears her apart, Damien has to make her see… the beauty in chaos.

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Naomi has a drug addict for a mom and while she has fond memories of her childhood, the majority are riddled with memories of cleaning up after and taking care of her. After dating the same guy for five years Naomi finds out he cheated on her, leaving her with a few trust issues, and a desire to not get in a relationship again. Now, going to go to law school has become her priority.

Damien is a sexy bearded, tattooed guy with a man bun, who is taking care of his alcoholic sister who just finds out she’s pregnant. They have lived together since they both left home when they were young due to ridiculing and unloving parents. Damien is trying to make ends meet with his job at the tattoo parlor and his job as a bouncer at a bar.

He has yet to find someone he cares enough about to have more than a one-night stand. Until he meets Naomi. She gives as good as she gets. She is tough, smart and beautiful.

She just wants to be f* buddies, but he wants more and intends to let her take her time to figure out she wants him.

I really liked how the book started. I enjoyed the author’s voice and writing style. The problem came about a third of the way through. I yearned for movement in the story. I wanted some action, something more. I also found a bit of it to be cliche’.  (Having said that, I imagine it would be difficult to write a sex scene and coming up with something new readers have not encountered before).  Also, due to personal experience as a substance abuse counselor, I had a problem with some of the facts of the story. This is always a problem for me when I read stories about substance abuse and recovery. I tend to analyze where others would not.

However, while I didn’t give this 5 stars, I think this author is one to watch.


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