Bountiful by Sarina Bowen — Review

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Bountiful by Sarina Bowen — ReviewBountiful by Sarina Bowen
Series: True North #4
Also in this series: Bittersweet, Steadfast, Keepsake,
Published by Rennie Road Books
on 10/20/17
Pages: 315
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Review Copy Provided By: Rennie Road Books


No last names. No life stories. Those were the rules.

Once upon a time a cocky, copper-haired tourist sauntered into Zara’s bar. And even though she knew better, Zara indulged in a cure for the small-town blues. It was supposed to be an uncomplicated fling—a few sizzling weeks before he went back to his life, and she moved on.

Until an accidental pregnancy changed her life.

Two years later, she’s made peace with the notion that Dave No-Last-Name will never be found. Until one summer day when he walks into her coffee shop, leveling her with the same hot smile that always renders her defenseless.

Dave Beringer has never forgotten the intense month he spent with prickly Zara. Their nights together were the first true intimacy he’d ever experienced. But the discovery of his child is the shock of a lifetime, and his ugly past puts relationships and family out of reach.

Or does it? Vermont’s countryside has a way of nurturing even tortured souls. The fields and the orchards—and hard won love—are Bountiful.

I was provided a review copy; this did not influence my opinion of the book.

I LOVED IT! Sarina Bowen never disappoints and Bountiful is one of my favorites in the series!

❝The bartender was a good time and fun in bed, but not a forever girl.❞

‘Bountiful’ is the fourth book in the True North series which takes place in the beautiful farming community in Vermont. This series showcases family, hard work and romance.

Dave plays Hockey. He and some of his teammates are vacationing in Vermont and have made a couple of visits to Zara’s bar, The Mountain Goat. Liking what he saw, he decided to make a visit one night, alone. He’s only in Vermont a short time and relationships aren’t his thing, but the sexy woman tending bar has him intrigued.

When the redhead from out of town takes a seat at her bar, Zara can’t help but notice him. He’s smooth and sexy and seems like a nice guy. Everything Zara should run from. But she’s on the rebound from Griffin and not feeling so hot about herself. When the sexy stranger proposes a one night stand, Zara can’t say no. She’ll get a few moments of euphoria, a chance to forget Griffin and no strings. What could go wrong?

A one night stand turns in to a fling with strings. Because after he leaves for Brooklyn, she finds out she’s pregnant and knows nothing about the father of her baby. Unable to find him, she’s resigned to single-parenthood. That is until the stranger comes back to town two years later and turns her world upside down.

❝But our past had left me wondering if there was such a thing as a happy family. And if chasing the illusion only made you into a sucker.❞

When I discovered this book was going to be about Zara I couldn’t wait to get it. When it landed on my Kindle, I immediately stopped reading the book I’d started a few days before, because … ZARA and … SARINA BOWEN!  I expected to get more of Zara’s sass and strength, what I didn’t expect was DAVE! Holy Cow, he’s perfect! Sarina invited us to watch as he overcame his vulnerability and past, while he came into his own as a self-assured man who knew what he wanted out of life. I loved Zara’s transformation.

Sarina Bowen writes second-chance romance like it’s her grocery list. It’s easy to read but full of good stuff!


About Sarina Bowen

Sarina Bowen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She lives in Vermont’s Green Mountains with her family, six chickens and too much ski gear and hockey equipment.

In 2016, Sarina became a Rita Award winner! The Romance Writers of America honored HIM by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy with Best Contemporary Romance, Mid-Length.

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